How Can You Recover Deleted Files

Did you accidentally delete or lose your files due to corruption, virus infection or formatting? Looking for ways to recover the deleted photos or documents from your SD card? Still perplexed about the best way to retrieve your lost files? Trust us; installing the Remo SD Card Software on your phone can be the most effective way to retrieve all types of files!

When it comes to SD cards, you can never be too careful. For most people, it’s almost like keeping a backup of important photos and documents. However, there are times when you end up deleting files while viewing photos on a mobile accidentally. Other common reasons for sudden loss include formatting an SD card, pulling out the card while a data transfer is in progress, using the same SD card on multiple devices, etc.

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Is loss of data on the SD card reversible?

Yes, it is possible to retrieve lost or deleted files from the SD card. While it’s true that there’s a wide availability of specialized SD card recovery tools in the marketplace, Remo SD Card Software is a popular choice. Regardless of the circumstances in which you lost your photos, it can help you recover files like photos, audio, videos and other documents from all sorts of memory cards like MicroSD, SDHC, SD, MMC, SDXC, etc.

Steps to Recover Deleted Files From Your SD card

The first step towards retrieving data from the SD card is to download Remo Recover Software on your desktop/computer and connect the memory card to your system. Below are the steps to help you get started with the recovery process.


Launch Remo Recover Software and choose the below option as per your requirement from the main screen.

  • Recover Photos-This option has added advanced feature to support recovery of Media Files that includes Photos, Videos and Music files. Apart from recovering deleted files, it can recover lost digital photos, audio and video files from camera memory cards, USB drives, iPods and other flash memory storage devices.Its highly advanced scanning algorithm helps in recovering all popular image, audio and video file formats. Also, the software supports recovery of all major digital RAW photo file formats supported by various DSLR camera.
  • Recover Files – This option will be used to recover all files that have been deleted accidentally.This option provided you the fastest recovery of deleted files from Mac OS Extended (Journaled) partitions / volumes and the ability to choose and recover files using RAW signature search option.The RAW signature search becomes extremely useful when drive has severe damage and recovery of lost files is not possible through standard undelete functions.
  • Recover Volumes/Drives – This option will provide all necessary advanced data recovery components, which allow recovering lost data with ease. These advanced recovery modules will help in recovering files with complete folder structure, which means after recovery you will have complete folder structure recovered from a formatted Mac drive or from a lost volume / partition.
    Recovery from complex data-loss scenarios like drive re-partitioning and re-formatting is possible with this option.


You will have two options to choose from- ‘Recover Lost Photos’ and ‘Recover Deleted Photos’. If the photos are lost, choose Recover Lost Photos and if the photos are deleted, choose Recover deleted photos.

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You will be presented with a list of drives in the next screen. If you are unsure about the SD card drive to choose, simply check the description below. Then select the drive that represents your SD card and choose


You will be prompted to perform an extra scan if you want particular file types. If you are unsure of the file types you want, click Skip.


Choose Show deleted files on the top to see only the deleted files. Then, pick the files you wish to recover by clicking on the checkbox beside the name of the file and then click on Next.


Finally, select a folder to save the recovered files by clicking on Browse. Once you choose that, click Next for saving the files. When the files get saved, the software will open the location where the recovered photos and videos get saved. This will help you view the files you have recovered.

About Remo Recovery Software

Remo offers SD card recovery software separately for both Windows and Mac users. The software can thoroughly scan the SD card and recover data on all Windows OS and Mac. Various kinds of media files like videos, photos, music and other documents can be recovered by using the software.

The software supports numerous formats like-

  • Photos– JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG, etc
  • RAW images- DNG, CRW, CR2, etc
  • Audio– MP3, MP4, AMR, WAV, etc.
  • Video– MOV, MP4, MPEG, etc.

So, Guys now that you are aware of this software, don’t you think it’s indeed a blessing in disguise? Time to get Remo SD Card Software installed on your phone and cherish the magic!

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