How Is Mobile Wallet App Card Mate Pro Useful

Networking is a necessity in this digital age; but what will you do with hundreds of different business cards collected in the latest industry conference? Are you pretty unsure which one to put in your wallet? Do you feel that keeping all the credit and debit cards in wallets is not safe? Do you need credit card details on the go without carrying them in your wallet? Don’t worry; Card Mate Pro, a card scanner and a wonderful “mobile wallet app” for iOS, is there to help you lighten the load of your wallet without bothering about its safety and 

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This is one of the very useful iphone app to store credit cards, designed and developed by Qiwen Zhang, keeping in mind the lifestyle of high-flying business people like you. It’s a secure card manager, which also allows you to automatically scan and save the images of your business cards such as ID cards, debit cards, and credit cards. Apart from this, it also offers the following advantages:

  • Safety: Scanned images are completely safe because of the encryption technology and these are saved on a local storage device —and not on some external server. So, you can be perfectly sure about the safety of your personal data.
  • Categorization: You can arrange cards into different categories, which will allow you to quickly find the card you’re searching. These categories can be easily edited or deleted. You can also set a password to access these cards. Card Mate Pro offers password PIN pad and Dot-lock feature for this purpose. You can also use pattern lock, which is more secure.
  • Easy to Use: The user interface of the app is quite simple and sleek. All you need to do is scan your cards to store the data. It supports a variety of card types catering to all types of needs. It’s possible to show or hide menus and preview card images. You can also hide or show card information.
  • Local Device List: Unlike other similar card manager apps, it does not require a cloud-syncing database— which means you don’t need to create a separate account. Card Mate Pro saves all cards in your local device contact list.


Summing Up

Card Mate Pro has been designed and developed as a one-stop solution to all your card management needs. If you’re looking to quickly add people to your contact list, it’s handy and quite useful. Some users had reported about some bugs, which were fixed by the developer. Now it works flawlessly and you can transfer the headache of card management to Card Mate Pro.

So, Guys, immediately download this mobile app for iOS App Store, and make yourself headache free from carrying important “cards” and roam fearlessly anywhere as per your wish.

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