How to fix Skyui error code 5

Were you intending to play the game and unexpectedly encounter the error? Is Skyui error code 5 constantly bothering you, and you want to sort it out instantly? You’ve come to the right place for an  accurate solution. That error might be alarming for you, but fixing it is quite simple and easy to follow. Here, we will briefly discuss Skyui, the reasons behind Skyui error code 5, and its possible solutions.

What is Skyui?

Skyui is a mod that is specially built for Skyrim. Bethesda game studio designed Skyrim in 2011. The Skyui is a highly efficient program with advanced features that strengthen the user interface for PC users. It deems the use of a mouse and keyboard that makes the game easy to play. It also helps to adjust the screen size.  It is one of the best user interfaces available for Skyrim having high reasonability and accessibility.

Skyui error code 5

What are the factors responsible for Skyui error code 5? 

Users take advantage of Skyui while playing Skyrim to boost the game performance. However, sometimes the user faces trouble with Skyui error code when he opens the map or favourite menu or skill. As complex as it may seem, it isn’t really that complex. Let us give a view of the reasons behind this error. 

  1. File overriding: It is one of the significant reasons. It’s better to keep an eye on the Mod Configuration Menu and Interface folder warnings to disclose any corrupt files.  
  • No Master document: The absence of the master file may result in Skyui error code . Starting the game and navigating from the mode menu causes your SkyUI to become dark.
  • 60fps interface mode: Interface works at 30fps by default. However, 60 fps interface mode forces the interface to run at 60fps, leading to the Skyui error code 5.

Possible Solutions to fix Skyui error

Now let us concentrate on your primary concern to help you fix Skyui error code 5 significantly.

  1. Solution of overriding Skyui: You can resolve this problem by simply deleting all those files. Click on the warning displayed on MCM to detect those files or open the interface folder of Skyrim to locate the files. Now, wipe out all the files to fix Skyui error code 5.You must have installed map or inventory mode to implement this technique.
  2. Delete the files from the Mod Configuration menu: If something is bothering you in the MCM, quickly approach the Sky directory. Look for that particular file in the interface folder causing the error. Now, delete it and copy the deleted file to the backup interface folder for keeping it in your record.
  3. Uninstall the 60fps interface mode: Go into the mod area of Skyrim and select the zip file of the 60fps interface mode from there. Now, uninstall the 60fps interface mode. Also, delete the Skyui and relaunch it to eliminate the error. Finally, revamp the Skyrim Script Extender.

So guys, if all mentioned solutions do not work, uninstall the game and download it again. Try to use the fastest internet connection for playing online games to avoid any difficulty. I hope that this article will be more than enough for you to fix the Skyui error code 5. 

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