Most important secret iPhone interrogation codes that are really helpful

Like any other high end electronic gadget, each and every model of the iPhone has its very own secrets. If you read on, you will learn about a number of secret codes that perform secret functions on your iPhone. These secret codes can be used find hidden menus, along with acting as direct commands that improve your iPhone’s performance. Using these codes, you can tweak the settings on your iPhone, or find additional information related to your device. Now let us look at some of these codes.

*#06# (Function: IMEI number)

The IMEI number of a phone is a 15 digit numeric code that is used to give a unique ID to your iPhone in any certain GSM, UTMS and other mobile networks. The IMEI number can be found on any iPhone’s packing box, and can be used to locate the phone if your device is either stolen or lost. The number has to be presented to the police when complaining about a lost phone.

*3001#12345#* + ‘Call’ (Function: Field Test)

If you use this code to access the secret field test mode of an iPhone, you can find updated information pertaining to your phone’s network. Your phone signal’s numerical value can be uncovered and you can read vital data on the nearby mobile towers. You will have the option of switching between graphic and numeric display if you tap on the carrier signal symbol on the top left corner of your iPhone screen. You will see that the numerical values will always be shown in negative numbers.

*#33# / *33*pin# / #33*pin# (Function: Call barring status / turning on / turning off)

These three codes help you in determining the status of your call baring services, as well as the status of outgoing texts and data usage. You can use call barring to avoid unwanted and accidental calls. This service is not offered on any iPhone in its settings menu, but you can use these codes to change the call barring status of your iPhone. The pin in the code is your SIM card’s pin. So do not use your iPhone’s password.

*#43# / *43# / #43# (Function: Call Waiting status / enable / disable)

This series of codes helps you access the call waiting setting on your iPhone or iOS device. You can use call waiting services to receive calls from other callers, while you are still busy with another call. When someone else is calling you while you are on a call already, you will be notified with a sound, and you will have to decide whether to receive the call, let it ring or simply disconnect it. The setting is available on the iPhone’s menu tab, but you can also use these codes.

*#21# / *#62# / *#67# / ##002# + ‘Call’ (Function: Call forwarding status all / unreachable / when busy / disable forwarding)

If you are out on vacation with your family, you can forward all your business calls to your partners or colleagues with the use of this feature. You can use the mentioned secret code to find out about the status of your call forwarding setting. You can access the iOS menu to change the setting of your call forwarding status for different calls and different statuses of your network, but using this code makes things a lot easier.

*#31# + / #31#phone-number + ‘Call’ (Function: Outgoing Call Anonymity status / current call)

With the iPhone’s new settings, you have the option of making your number visible to the person you call, or hide it from him. You can check the status of your call anonymity by dialling the mentioned code, and you can also change the anonymity setting for any particular number. This option can be also activated for all outgoing calls via the iPhone’s settings menu.

*#30# + ‘Call’ (Function: Incoming call presentation status)

This secret code displays the status of the setting which monitors whether your iPhone will be displaying the number for all incoming calls or not.

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