iOS 9 Rumored Features, Release Date

iOS 8 is fun, is packed with interesting features, right? If the rumors are to be believed, iOS 8 is soon going to become an ‘old’ member of iOS family as the tech giant has already begun testing iOS 9, and the buzz for the same is all around the web. Everybody is excited to know what could be brought by Apple in upcoming iOS 9. Being an Apple’s iOS fan, you must be having your eyes on all coming rumors for sure. This post covers iOS 9’s rumored features and release date.

iOS 9 Rumored Features

Split-screen Multitasking

Remember it? If you followed rumors that happened for iOS 8, this feature is known to you for sure. It was rumored to make its appearance in iOS 8, but for unknown reasons, it just did not happen leaving many Apple fans upset. Well, the rumor mill is now claiming to see this inciting feature in iOS 9. Multi-tasking needs improvement, and we seriously hope to see that in iOS 9.

Change, Hide or Delete Default Apps

Default apps that you get in iOS are quite good, but not all. A few of them are just useless and I am sure you are having a big list of such ‘useless’ default apps. Well, in all version of iOS that you have got so far, you are compelled to keep the default apps in your Apple device. If the rumors are to be believed, Apple will no longer force to retain those default apps. Yes, you will be able to treat default apps just like third-party apps. Change them, hide delete them or delete them- power in your hands.

Improvement in Apple Maps 

Apple Maps did not satisfy almost all Apple users. Google Maps service is just awesome and is loved by one and all. In the iOS 9. Rumors claim that Apple will bring improvement in its Maps app. The improved app must be good in showing traffic so that people can see public transport direction. If Apple wills to win hearts of its users, it must bring certain improvements in its Maps app.

Improvement in Photos App

Improvement in Photos App was seen in iOS 8, but it was not up to the expectation mark. We all want best, just best. The rumor mill has in it that there will be improvement in Photos App. Finding personal photos and videos in current photos app is damn easy, which makes our privacy vulnerable. To take privacy level of users to high end, Apple must bring certain improvements in its Photos App in iOS 9. Fortunately, this is what a plenty of rumors claim to happen.

Improved Battery-Saving Technology

As per info coming from various sources, Apple will likely introduce battery-saving technology in iOS 9 so that battery could last longer. Apple users always complain about poor battery performance. They hope for change. Rumors claim that change will happen.

Apple iOS 9 Release Date

Several rumors regarding release date of Apple iOS 9 have been surfaced so far. Taking majority of rumors anything to go with, we may see Apple announcing iOS 9 in June. If that happens, expect the latest OS version to launch in September of running year. Just like previous releases, we hope Apple launches this one with any of its new device. Nothing new to mention, if Apple keeps that trend, iPhone 6S/7 will be launched by Apple along with iOS 9.

Well, rumors, are rumors after all. Take them with pinch of salt. Digest them properly only after we get to hear something from ‘trusted’ source. So, till then, just enjoy the recipe of rumors. You need activate UDID for iOS beta up gradation.

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