iOS welcomes WhatsApp on Web with open hands

Whatsapp has helped out all the Apple users by finally adding the Whatsapp on Web feature for all iOS devices. This indicates towards a simple fact that all iPhone owners and users can now quite easily use the Whatsapp web app to sync their chats in an effective manner. But, sadly, like all the other features on the Whatsapp smartphone app, the Whatsapp on web application also has a slow rollout time. The Whatsapp for Web option for provided to Windows, Blackberry and Android platforms, sometime in last January. Since there are certain platform limitations to the entire iOS platform, the entire Apple launch was delayed till this particular month.

Image Credit: ohmyall.com
Image Credit: ohmyall.com

The Whatsapp web feature was not available on the iOS device platform, but interestingly it had earlier been made available on the Nokia S60 platform, which is actually ironic because S60 does not work on any smartphone. A spokesperson from Whatsapp commented that since Apple does not own a reliable push technology and no facility for multitasking in the background, they could not launch the web feature for iOS, because users would not be able to use the feature properly, and the user experience ratings would fall. Even in case of the voice calling feature, the iOS platform received the update at the very end, after all other mobile phone platforms that support Whatsapp.

For people who are in front of a PC or laptop 24×7, and don’t find the time to check their phones for Whatsapp messages, the Whatsapp web feature is truly a blessing in disguise. Whatsapp for web should never be considered as just another update for the messaging app, as since its launch, it has become a vital part of our digital lives, especially for working professionals like us, whose lives revolve around computers and phones and what not. You need to connect your phone to the Web app, and start using the application. The features are almost similar to the mobile app, with all messages being received by both your PC and your phone. To make things better, Whatsapp partnered with a company called Whisper Systems for proper end to end encryption, to allow for better security for all the users.

Image Credit: www.thehansindia.com
Image Credit: www.thehansindia.com

Besides Google Chrome, the Whatsapp on web feature has also been made available on Firefox, Safari and Opera web browsers. So compatibility issues on any PC or laptop has been simply nullified. With a total user count of more than 800 million users, and with the majority users from India, the Middle East, and Europe, it is a global chatting app, except for certain Asian markets like Taiwan, Japan, Korea and China. India houses more than 70 million active Whatsapp users, with the user count increasing almost on a daily basis.

Now getting back the web app, you need to select the Whatsapp on Web option on your app’s contact page, where you would be asked to scan a QR code from your computer screen. When the QR code has been scanned, your web messaging app will automatically be created and synchronized. But remember that if your phone is turned off, or your phone is disconnected from the net, the web app will not work.

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