iPhone 4S Catches On Fire: Apple sued by Insurance Company?

In recent times, frequent incidents of Smartphone combustion have been reported. But what took everyone by surprise this time is an incident of the same nature in an iPhone which is definitely unusual keeping history and record in mind.

Apparently, a defective iPhone 4S combusted and caused fire burning down a house with an estimation of total damage being around $75,000. The user and the insurance company State Farm claims through internal investigation that the fire was caused by an internal failure in the iPhone 4S and blaming the company of selling a “defective” iPhone are suing Apple for $75,000 ($94,742).

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The filing of the lawsuit says: “As a direct and proximate result of Apple’s negligence in the design, manufacture, and/or sale of the iPhone, Thao sustained damage of her personal property” clearly stating that the device was defective when it was sold back in 2014. The suit says the fire was caused in April 2016, but has been recently filed in the US district court.

The suit claims, “Preliminary investigations show evidence of a significant and localised heating event in the battery area of the iPhone” Also saying, “There were no other potential fire sources in the area of origin of the fire iPhones catch fire usually when connected to any third-party or faulty charging cable or when battery is removed without any technical or professional help. Although claims have been made that the battery in the iPhone was never changed in the past three years but the question remains if or not the user used a genuine charger for charging. Cheap or portable charger may in many cases be the reason behind combustion. There can also be instances of faulty electric supply. It is also unknown if the iPhone have been purchased directly from the company or any authorised retailer.

As of now, the case is at an initial point and it is quite early to arrive at a conclusion. Yet another incident in an iPhone is a disappointment on Apple’s part. Though it can be suggested to users for their personal safety measures to refrain from using common chargers and opting for the genuine ones as well as keeping a check on the MCB for electric supply fluctuations by electricians and on their charging voltage via apps.

So, Guys this is rally very alarming and I would also suggest please use very carefully iPhone 4S or if possible change the handset before causing any damage!

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