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iPhone will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2017 and on the occasion of the same Apple has confirmed the launch of iPhone 8 which is set to hit the market sometime around next month, approximately, September 2017. It has been a while since rumours started doing rounds about the stirring features of Apple’s new product. If those rumours are to be believed then Apple has tested almost 10 prototypes of iPhone models and in fact, there has been several videos showcasing dummy units of the same. Amidst other news there have been leaks from Apple itself.

iPhone 8 is said to be hitting the market with a radical redesign as it has been almost 3 years since we were provided with a new look having a edge-to-edge display that shows that the Touch ID fingerprint sensor may be on the rear of the phone, built in to the display or might even be entirely eliminated to introduce the new facial technology recognition that Apple has been working on recently.

With all the teasers and rumours in the air, let us have a closer look on what the iPhone 8 might have in store might for us –

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According to the regular pattern, Apple debuts its new iPhones every year on September since the iPhone 5 in 2012. Although iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus may launch in September, rumour has it the iPhone 8 launch might end up being postponed towards October due to production delays.  Bloomberg holds that users may have to wait for s few weeks to get hold of the all-screen iPhone 8 cause of supply constraints. A lot of assumptions claim the official release might be around October or November, though the recent news from Apple hints towards the launch being scheduled to somewhere in the end of September. With all hopes for a September launch, we might take the actual market date with a grain of salt at present.

What’s in the name?

Every single iPhone rumour gives us an idea that Apple is actually refurbishing its latest most awaited production with more or less one premium design. What we are calling the iPhone 8 by default might just end up being termed iPhone X or iPhone Edition because of the fact that it will in a way stand out among the other two, iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus coming our way.

The leak from Apple itself

Straight from the horse’s mouth, an icon for the all-screen display has been uncovered right from Apple’s own HomePod firmware, iOS app developers. It was by far the closest confirmation of the official iPhone 8 design so far. It is the same source that pointed something towards the ‘Facial ID’ as mentioned above.

Size and Display

With the iPhone 8, Apple seem to have been moving ahead of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus era with a radical change in size and shape and it is said to be something bigger and better. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuon, we should be ready for a 5.8 inch AMOLED display with a slight 2.5D curve. It will be a massive turn from the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhones with a LCD screen. Yet with the bigger screen size, the actual size may even be smaller than the iPhone 7 but the display will appear to be bigger because it will do away with the top bezel with an all-screen display. Along with the same we also do have rumors which say there might be a minor bezel coming from the top, containing ear-piece and front-facing LED flash & camera.

Goodbye to the Home button?

The presence of the big all-screen of iPhone 8 which appears be one of its prominent features would also mean an absence of the home button. Although going by years old rumors, an on-screen home button is not that surprising but what concerns everyone is what happens to the Touch ID fingerprint sensor used to unlock the phone?  Going by leaks, news and assumptions what can be concluded is, either the Touch ID might be embedded on-screen itself or located on the back like Samsung Galaxy S8 else it will be located on the sides like the Sony phones or it will be completely done away with and replaced by the Face Scan Sensor.

Expected Camera and AR features

Tim Cook has often been interested and talked about the idea of augmented reality (AR), and implemented it on iOS 11 beta for existing phones. Hence we can fully expect the same to be a part of iPhone 8, moreover taking it a step ahead.  As shared by reliable sources’, with the AR, you can point the phone to one object and get it recognized. In future, the camera app may even recognize or manipulate faces. Gene Munster, the veteran analyst for Apple is of the opinion we can do everything from finding seats in crowded theaters to picking out selected groceries just by looking at the phone. AR can definitely be a big plus factor for iPhone 8. It is also one of the reasons behind why the iPhone 8’s schematics was leaked which had a vertically aligned dual-lens camera on the back.

There is more news from Korea that iPhone 8 is collaborating with LG for a “Three-dimensional photographing” module for 3D effects and for working with the AR features. The daily random photography can be managed by the second lens on the dual-lens with optical image stabilization. A ‘SmartCam’ feature has also been mentioned which is present in the HomePod software which will automatically recognize stuff and adjust camera setting. The rear and back camera is believed to almost be the same like other version of iPhones with maybe some additional focusing features.

3D Face Scanner

The 3D Face-scanning sensor for unlocking your phone has been one of the most anticipated features of iPhone 8. It will either replace or be an addition to the Touch ID. The sensor is said to be having more advanced setting although a source close to Apple claims, there has been certain difficulties with the software and we might have to wait for the feature to enable only after the launch similar to the Portrait Mode of iPhone 7 Plus. It is also rumoured that it will work even while the phone lies on a flat surface as well as help you activating the silent mode just by looking at it.

Design and Charging

The Apple iPhone 8 is all set to introduce a complete all-glass design. Besides, classy looks it will actually enable the iPhone 8 to do Wireless Charging as electricity do not pass through the metal well.

Battery backup and the new USB-C

One of the analysts from Apple mentions that it may switch to stacked mainboard internal design hence iPhone 8 could be having a promising battery backup. It would surely open a way for larger battery capacity especially with the OLED display which is very good at preserving power by turning off the pixels while exhibiting blacks.

Now, several reports say the lightning port will be switched to USB-C in iPhone 8, enabling a faster charging.

Will the 8 Specs make it faster?

The iPhone 8 with an Apple A11 chipset, also called the A11 Fusion will definitely make the phone faster. An octa-core chip upgrade cannot be expected this soon and the RAM might stick with the regular 3GB RAM setup from iPhone 7. But what will be beneficial is the small numbers in form of 10nm Fusion. There remain chances of Apple letting go of Qualcomm because of an ongoing lawsuit between the two for overpricing. Apple is also said to be working on an artificial intelligence processor to make the graphic chip and CPU hardier. Also, the iPhone 8 will probably come in 64GB and 256GB.

Increased Water Resistance?

The waterproof level of iPhone 8 is recently rumoured to be going to an IP68 rating from IP67 and hence could go be more water resistant. It is said that iPhone 8 would survive 1.5 metres (almost 5 feet) under water for 30 minutes.

How Colourful?

Latest leaks regarding the product says, iPhone 8 might have new colours on the way with a fresh mirror-like finish. There is news about the return of colours like black and rose gold as well as a complete new all-white model.

What about the Pricing?

As it can be assumed, the prices of the all-new launch by Apple might leave us a little surprised. The bill for iPhone 8 is expected to be up by 67% and according to most recent news can start at around $1,100 but there can always be hopes for prices little lowered.

So with all the news, rumours, leaks, updates there is still a lot more to know and learn about Apple’s iPhone 8. Rumours like free Airpods and Smart Connector seems majorly doubtful whereas few remains equally anticipated. We can, for now expect the all new iPhone to be launched by its 10th Anniversary.

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