LG’s Upcoming Flagship “G5” smartphone rumors about Iris Recognition Technology

The recent release of the LG G4 smartphone by LG few days back is going great. There selling is in good form. Now we should move ahead and grab the speculation about the LG G5. It has already been said that the South Korean tech giant is planning to launch a new model and successor, the LG G5 smartphone. It may come by the fourth quarter of this year and may be by early next year, as report asserted.

The flagship LG G5 smartphone is likely to come with an iris recognition technology, a huge and bold moves by the South Korean company for the mobile security. At the same breath, report suggested by Who Wired, says that the launch is going to happen by the second half of 2016. Who Wired also claimed that LG is working with the Korean-based biometrics supplier company “IRIENCE Co. Ltd”., in terms of the new iris technology through collaboration. I know it is so early to predict anything about the LG G5 as LG G4 has released even we are unable to jump into conclusion for any sort of news.

The LG features including the exact release date of the new successor, things we are hoping that LG G4 smartphone has already upgraded with fingerprint scanning technologies, LG is already upgrading its new handset with a retina scanner.

Iris recognition technology is meant to be more secure than fingerprint scanning technology, particularly for mobile banking.

The new LG G5 smartphone handset will have the iris scanner through its front-facing camera, which will be close to 5.1 mega pixels according to the report. The new phone will come with a surprising element of bigger battery, a 4100 mAh, reportedly. Other companies are all the way good but LG electronics need to work on its battery for increasing its sale graph. Otherwise other companies will target selling increased graph.

Another company from Asia that is also heading to the releasing new handsets with iris scanning technology is Fujitsu Ltd. Fujitsu just launched its “ARROWS NX F-04G” device about a month ago.

Fujitsu’s new device is powered with the “Iris Passport”, an iris authentication technology that can be used to unlock and make the access easy to the phone, asserted by Japanese tech company. Fujitsu also claiming that its iris authentication technology will be the world’s first. Most importantly such a latest technology is owned by LG and its successor will carry it most probably.

So,Guys all I can say that a smart work from LG electronics to set its successor apart from others.

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