How to Limit Time Wastage on the Social Networking

This is the age when anybody and everybody uses these social networking and most of them are very much addicted to this without even realizing. People yap about anything and everything and keep repeating the same trend for days and months to come. This is high time when one must understand the adverse sides of overusing these web portals. As a matter of fact, Facebook and Instagram have developed a new feature that will actually help the users to track the amount of time that they are spending on these sites. With the suite of time-management you will be able to know the actual time you have spent uploading pictures, commenting and liking.

Understanding the various other aspects of this option on Social Networking

About a month ago the Android users discovered an option called ‘Your time on Facebook’ in the official application. But now, this option is available in the dashboard and users can now keep a track of time that they are spending doing and undoing various activities in Facebook. You can always set a limit to the activity and also can mute the notifications and everything. On the other hand, you will also find similar options in Instagram which is also owned by Facebook. In Instagram you will find a set of tools known as ‘Your Activity’ with whose help you will be able to save the time that you may have pointlessly wasted. This is a very noble approach taken by these IT giants and have been well praised by people all over the globe.

Accessing these new features

In order to access these new features in Facebook app you will have to choose the menu icon which is the three horizontal lines and from there you have to scroll down to ‘Your time on Facebook’. You will find all of these in the official application of Facebook. While as, in the Instagram application, you will find similar option in the dashboard of the account setting. After reaching this page you will be able to go through the week’s activity and the amount of time you have wasted on these portals. Apart from these, you can also set some reminders and custom limit in order to restrict the daily usage of the online activity.

The needs and the requirements

It has been often seen that people are using these social networking sites without even realizing the amount of time they are wasting on a daily basis. For some people checking the notifications and these applications have become almost involuntarily. These features have received a lot of praise from people all over the globe and in a very short period of time 99% users all over the globe will be able to use these features. On the other hand the rest of the one percent will be kept in dark about their daily usage by Facebook and Instagram so that a comparison can be drawn between these two groups.      

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