Little iPhones causes big trouble in iPhones

If you have bought a new iPhone then you should learn the best way of protecting it from a new bug containing the ‘Unicode of Death’ that is making the rounds. It sends a message in Arabic characters and unusual symbols which when opened causes your phone to crash completely. The phone freezes, restarts and finally becomes unusable. iPhone makers are working on finding a solution to fix the problem but until they come up with a rock solid solution users have to find a way of using the phone. Some of the users have come up with the unique idea of turning off the notifications from the Messages app.

How to stop the bug

The idea is to turn off the ‘Show on Lock Screen’ button so that the message is unable to affect the iPhone and switch it off. You can do so by entering the Settings and then Notifications. Pick the Messages option and then switch the alert style to ‘none’. Messages will still show in the section named Notification and also as a badge on the home screen. But at least it will not be able to load as a banner and switch off the phone. It is technically the banner which allows the phone to switch off and the problem happens when you are not checking the message. The problem is not restricted to iPhone alone but is affecting the watch manufactured by the iPhone makers.

Switch of texts in iPhones

There is apparently another way of solving the problem which is to sort out the unknown senders. You can go into the messages option and switch it off so that texts from strangers remain in its own conversation box and will not create an alert. This makes it impossible for those not on the contact list to allow the bug into the phone and prevents it from stopping to function.

Protect the watch in iPhones

iPhone makers have not been able to work around the problem which has affected phones and caused distress among users. The authorities are not sure how much long the software update will take. iPads have also crashed owing to the advent of the bug and can affect desktops and laptops from Mac also.  As of now people are using the message to crash iPhones of friends but experts feel that it can be used to do greater harm. If you are seeking to protect the watch from iPhone makers it is a good idea to stop messages from being to the watch. The bug was found first in a Redit.com thread and now it has spread across the globe with most users keeping their fingers crossed and hoping a solution can be found soon to stop the damage. This is however not the first time that bugs have affected the iPhone but the manufacturers usually find a way around the problem and it is only a matter of time before a software update will be available to solve the problem. Until then users will have to make do with the above methods to use their phones.

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