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Mark Zuckerburg, the CEO of Facebook, announced the launch of the all new Facebook Lite application a few days ago. This news was reported by Facebook Post. This new application will be available on Google PlayStore for all Android platforms, and the installation of this application will consume 1 MB of space on your phone memory. The old Facebook application, which was preinstalled on every phone and had to be updated via PlayStore, used to consume approximately 25 MB space on your phone memory. So Facebook Lite will be a space saver in the truest sent. The new app is aimed at serving the entire world as per Zuckerberg’s dream. It will allow people in growing and developing countries to easily and quite quickly access the application with even a slow mobile network in any particular area or locality.

The new Facebook Lite app really consumes less browsing data on any number and downloads and installs quite quickly even without a fast mobile network or connection, as reported by the authorities. The app basically comes with the simplest and perhaps the most basic features, namely posting status updates, uploading photos, checking newsfeeds and notifications. If only these basic features are in use, then the app will surely consume a lot less data. The users will not be able to stream music or videos via this application, because that would mean more data consumption. These features have not been added simply to make the app user friendly for people living in areas where there is awful network connection.

The launch of this new Lite version is a great move on Facebook’s part to reach growing and developing markets, with limited access to digital communication via internet and mobile connection. Previously, Facebook, for the purpose of offering free mobile services to certain countries, announced the launch of Internet.org. This was mainly aimed at connecting more and more people to the digital world, especially ones who hail from developing or underdeveloped countries.  As per Zuckerburg’s announcement, the Facebook Lite app will be released mainly in Africa, Latin America, Europe and Asia. This decision was affected by Ericsson’s Annual Mobility report, which states that in the next 5 years, i.e., by 2020, 80% of the global smartphone population will hail from areas like the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

The product manager in charge of the Facebook Lite app, Vijay Shankar, commented that the new lite app was designed especially for the areas mentioned in Ericsson’s report. Based on statistical data, he further commented that in various rural and underdeveloped areas, mobile network can be quite slow, which leads to problems in supporting all the features for the original Facebook Android app. The solution of such a problem will come through the launch of Facebook Lite, because it will be responsible for allowing people to connect to each other even at the lowest possible bandwidth.

N.B.- The new Facebook Lite app has already been launched on 29’May and is only available in Google Play Store as of date.

Experts say that by the last quarter of the coming year, India is going to be the world leader in housing the largest mobile Facebook user population, which leads people to believe that the app will be set for an India release date soon enough. Although Zuckerburg has not yet provided any clarification on when the app will be made available for users in the United States, he has asserted that when the app is launched in the states, it will surely be available on Play Store.

So, I would like to thank Facebook for thinking about those people who still runs low speed internet connection in their smartphones.

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