6 Must-Have Mobile Apps Use For Managing Back Pain

Mobile apps use for managing back pain! Yes! wondering how can smartphones be a great aid in your fight against back pain? Relax. All you need to do is download a few mobile apps and use them on a regular basis!

Below are some useful mobile apps which you should definitely download in your smartphone at once!

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Few Apps You Should Definitely Have in Your Mobile To Manage Back Pain

Stretch Away

Stretch Away provides users with the option to view some quick relief tips for minimizing their back pain. Along with these useful tips, it even lets you know the common causes of chronic back pain and hip pain. The app even prides users with numerous stretching techniques while also reminding them to check their mobility first. App is available only in iOS.

6 Minute Back Pain Relief

“6 Minute Back Pain Relief” provides users with a research-backed workout program that’s specifically built for people who suffer from acute back pain or who wish to stretch and exercise their back for preventing problems in the future. The various yoga and exercises featured in this app are often recommended by experienced physiotherapists. What’s more, these exercises do not even require any additional equipment. App is available in both iOS and Android.

iRehab Back Pain

“iRehab Back Pain” is created by leading physical therapists for patients who suffer from severe lower back pain. The app suggests users about the exercises that are right for their health. The exercise-time is based on the responses of the questions asked to the user by the app regarding their back pain. App is available in both iOS.

Back Doctor | Pain Relief

Depending on what the fitness level of the user is, the “Back Doctor app” can provide exercise suggestions. The app provides a step-by-step demonstration where the user is shown the safer ways to perform various strengthening exercises and stretches.App is available in both iOS and Android.

Accupedo Pro

Accupedo Pro is a pedometer mobile app that counts your steps accurately. This accurate app monitors the daily walking of the user on his/her phone’s home screen. Downloading this can thus help you stay motivated with your daily walks since it tracks the amount of steps you take with this pedometer app.App is available in both iOS and Android.

PostureScreen Mobile

This great app can gather a point-by-point analysis of your posture from different angles. The app can send the findings directly to your physical therapist, doctor or chiropractor. This will help the specialist to customize your pain treatment plan accordingly.App is available in both iOS and Android.

So Guys, what are you still thinking of?  Start Mobile apps use for managing back pain.

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