Momentum – An extension that makes Google Chrome “Golden”

Momentum is truly a wonderful extension for Google Chrome that you must go for. This extension will replace your browser’s standard tab with a customized tab containing inspiring images along with a to-do list, motivating quotations and a big clock which tells you the time.

Any user can quite easily setup “Momentum” extension on their Chrome browser. You simply need to download the extension and install it – it’s as simple as that. After installing, you need to open a tab, and you will be able to see the Momentum customizations on your old tab. During the first run, the extension will ask you to enter your name, following which, you will get a “Good Morning”, “Good Afternoon” or “Good Evening” greeting from the extension, depending on when you open your browser. The background images will also be constantly shuffled by Momentum, which means you can see a new image every two or three minutes.

The extension will also help you to set “Alerts!” for the most important work of the day. You can set alerts for practically everything, starting from going for shopping, finishing a project, to utility bill payment dates and various other things. You will also know about daily weather updates from the extension’s weather gadget on the top right corner of the tab. At the bottom corner, inspirational quotes will be posted for you on a daily basis by the extension. You will also be able to access your default tab view by clicking the APPS button on Chrome.

The main function of Momentum is to act as a very efficient “To-do list” manager, allowing you to make a note of every task for every day, such sending emails to your friends and acquaintances, buying grocery, going for a client meeting, and many others. You will have to tick mark all the tasks that you have already done, thereby making life a whole lot easier for you. It’s truly a very useful and good looking extension that you can replace with your old Chrome tab view, which provides a variety of information and helps you to get through your day with ease, confidence and inspiration. It is not a very hi-tech extension with lots of programming codes and lines and lines of scripting, but it was intended to be this way so as to make it easy to use for normal people.

The thought process behind adding the function of inspiration quotes is to allow users facing certain problems to get through their day with a special kind of inspiration that allows them to forget all their problems and simply fight on. These quotes are perfect for pushing anyone over the finish line, ultimately leading them towards unattainable success.

A browser is something which is always open in front of us nowadays. The computer desktop screen is always in the background, because you are always on the internet and working on your browser. In such a situation, such an extension is simply perfect, because you will get all the information you need from the functions of Momentum.

So, Guys go ahead and download the “Momentum”  extension for Chrome browser and make your life more easy and comfortable.

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