Move over fingerprint identification Bodyprint is here

Are you still drawing symbols with your finger to unlock your phone? The technology is soon to be history with Bodyprint, a system designed for biometric authentication, trying to turn the phone into a biometric scanner. Soon it will be enough to simply press the phone to your ears to unlock it. The new technology will be replacing fingerprints that have been in use for opening the phone.  It is supposed to be 99.8 percent accurate and is likely to change the face of the commodity device security system.

How the biometric detection works?

The system detects the biometric features using capacitive sensing but uses the phone’s touch screen for sensing the image. The user will have to press the ear against the display for the mechanism to work. The image sensor uses a large area with a low resolution. It cannot capture the extreme detail of a fingerprint but is highly reliable. You will simply have to press the phone against the ear to accept the incoming call. Bodyprint identifies the user when body parts like the ears, finger, palm and phalanges touch the screen. It analyses the images after getting them from the touch chip instead of the traditional 2D touch locations.

Better than using the finger

Using the new technology, is a huge improvement from using your finger or a stylus all the time to use the phone. It has been a basic feature with all smartphones for years now. Most feel opening the phone with a finger for accessing social networking sites or accessing some information is fine. But when you simply have to take a call the biometric identification is a great improvement. It makes things much simpler when you are working with both hands and you need to take the call. The system has been developed by Marius Knaust, Christian Holz and Senaka Buthpitiya and tested on around 12 participants who have found the technology extremely useful.

The cost factor

Using this technology can save cell phone companies a lot of money because they will not have to install an additional fingerprint sensor. Research has shown that the fingerprint scanners earlier had been installed on high-end smartphones because of their cost. But “Bodyprint” can be used on all ranges of smartphones since it will not be costly. Bodyprint can add more than one user on a single device. So if two people need to use the same device the identification of both can be arranged so that they can receive the calls. Not only the ears but also the manner of gripping the phone can be used to identify the user.

Faster and better security

You use the cell phone almost 150 times a day so the idea is to make unlocking it easier and quicker to improve performance and security. It takes hardly a second for the phone to get unlocked and the user to start speaking. In spite of the high success rate research is on to improve the algorithms and make it even better. New cell phone buyers would do good to wait a bit and decide on which biometric feature to use ear, palm, or finger.

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