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Apple has recently launched its one of the most popular product, the new “iPad Pro”, which was introduced in the market for retail sale. But unexpectedly, people have been seen posting problems and issues on the Apple support blogs and forums and almost everywhere over the internet as soon as they started using this new device.

So what are the basic problems that people have faced while using the iPad Pro for the first time? The most intriguing and annoying issue anyone faced is the fact that the tablet shuts itself off when you connect the charging adapter to it and leave it to recharge for further use.

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Image Credit: www.pcmag.com
Image Credit: www.pcmag.com

These reports started flowing in as soon as the device was launched in the market. Almost 90% of first lot buyers faced the same issue when they tried to charge their iPads after a few hours of usage. The company officials published a report recently, acknowledging the fact that the new iPad Pro has been struck with this bug that freezes the tablet when charging, and they are trying their best to fix the issue with a software fix or update.

We have quoted here a situation where an iPad user faced the said problem and posted the same on an Apple support forum. The exact words haven’t been used for copyright issues.

He says that his iPad was down to 40% battery life during the night, so he connected the adapter and simply went to sleep. But when he woke up the next morning, he found the tablet to be literally dead.

Image Credit: www.dreamstime.com
Image Credit: www.dreamstime.com

The display did not light up when touched. He had to remove the cover and the battery and reset the tablet to bring it back to life. This took him almost one whole hour, and he had some errand that needed to perform, so he reattached the adapter and left for work. When he came back after a few hours, he found the tablet in the same condition – dead. Every time his battery went down and he connected the adapter, the same thing kept on happening again and again.



Most of the reports tend to suggest that this “deadly” issue only occurs when someone tries to charge their iPad Pro overnight, but some also suggest that the same thing occurs even when charging the batteries for just an hour or so. Some users commented on this issue in online forums, stating that they faced the same problem – they charged their iPad for more than one hour, and it died.

Image Credit: fortune.com
Image Credit: fortune.com

As per the instructions provided by the brief support document issued by Apple, iPad users facing this acute issue should force restart their tablets by holding and pressing both the home button and the sleep/wake button for at least 10 to 15 seconds, or at least till they see the Apple logo on their screen. This suggests that Apple is trying its level best to fix the bug. The problem has been found in both the 32 GB and 128 GB versions of the iPad, running on iOS 9.1, and users are yet to get a proper fix for this issue.

Guys, I believe that Apple being a Tech Giant will fix this issue in no longer time. However, some of the users also claimed that this issue got fixed after installing OS 9.2 beta 3 in their iPad Pro.

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