Some New Features Of The Oneplus 2 That Will Make It A User Magnet

OnePlus recently announced the launch of the OnePlus 2, the successor to its very popular OnePlus One variant, a few days ago. This new smartphone is being called the FLAGSHIP KILLER that will beat all its competitors in the coming year. The smartphone can only be purchased by people who have received a purchase invitation for the price of £239 or Rs. 23700. Sale begins on the 11th of August. So which features of the phone will catch all eyes and attract smartphone fanatics towards this wonderful model? Let us now look at 7 new features that will make the OnePlus 2 a glamorous choice.

OxygenOS makes life easier

As per reports, the OnePlus 2 will not be using “CyanogenMod” anymore. It will implement the use of its very own operating system “OxygenOS”, that will help users to implement all features in an interestingly faster manner, and allows more control. OnePlus plans to add this OS to all other previous and upcoming models.

Shelf launcher leads to an interactive experience

The users will be able to choose between “Google Now” and “Shelf launchers”. Although still in its Beta state, we can guess that users have to swipe right on the primary display screen of the phone to access Shelf. It will offer to choose interchangeable images right at the top, while also providing information on current location and weather.

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The all new USB Type C will be added

With the all new USB Type C port in OnePlus 2, no user will require the HDMI option. This makes it easier for any user to make use of the smartphone in a much easier and interactive manner.

The interactive Buttons options

This new option will be available in standard settings menu. Users will be able to disable and enable all kinds of on screen buttons used for navigation. Left-handed smartphone users will find this feature quite helpful, because they reverse the positions of the back and recent buttons for easier use.

A very useful Camera App

The OnePlus 2 will have a preinstalled custom camera application that will allow all photographers to do some cool work with their smartphones. They can click photos at 50 megapixel capacity, along with options to click images in 120 FPS “slo-mo” mode and also the interactive time lapse mode.

A Physical Mute Switch that actually works properly

The OnePlus 2 comes with an actual mute switch, that allows you to choose the notifications you want to be notified about, just like the iPhone model of 2007. The switch, also known as the Alert Slider, allows you to choose between three options – mute, priority notifications and all notifications.

Fingerprint feature for quick unlock

The OnePlus 2 will sport an innovative fingerprint sensor in the front, that will allow users to unlock the OnePlus 2 in about 0.5 seconds, and you can add a total of 5 fingerprints for the sensor to read. That means only these 5 users will be able to access your phone.

So, it can be said quite easily that with these above mentioned innovative, interactive and useful features, the OnePlus 2 will sure grab a lot of attention. Keep your fingers crossed and wait for the 11th.

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