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Apple’s brand new operating system, the iOS 9, is perfect for running on devices like the iPad and the iPhone. The OS was released very recently, on the 16th of September to the general public. The entire design and functioning scheme of the iOS 9 is based on the features introduced in the previous versions of the OS, i.e., the iOSs 7 and 8. Certain design changes have been introduced to redefine the basic features, improve the functionality, and enhance the performance.

The main focus of the iOS 9 is on ‘proactivity’ and ‘intelligence’, which allow the devices running on this operating system to adapt to the habits of the users and act accordingly based on that information. The functions performed by the operating system in this situation are opening apps that the users might need, recommending locations that might be suitable for the users, and providing guidance to make lives easier for the users, at the same time making sure that the users are right where they are supposed to be and at the correct time.



Incredible Siri with advanced Technology - Image Credit:
Incredible Siri with advanced Technology – Image Credit:

The reason behind all these changes is Siri, which can now create regular and accurate reminders and go through videos and photos on your phone in a brand new and innovative way. If any user swipes left from the phone or device’s home screen, he or she will come across a brand new screen that is home to “SIRI SUGGESTIONS”, which puts favourite apps and contacts right where the user wants them. The screen also provides suggestions on nearby highly reviewed restaurants and various other news updates and location details.

Siri also comes with deeper search options, that helps to bring up results like videos, sports scores, and various other content from other third party applications. This search tool can also be used for performing simple calculations and conversions, thereby making life easier for all iOS users.

One of the most striking feature of Siri is you can make phone calls or send messages to your friends using “advanced Siri” technology, whenever your phone is connected to a charger and is not in your hand, with a simple command “Hey Siri”

You have to enable this feature from “Settings –> General –> Siri” and just allow “Hey Siri” option.

So, you do not have to pick your iPhone physically, just say “Hey Siri”  from any corner of your room, obviously within a moderate distance and your ‘Siri‘ will be on to accept your command.

Almost all of the pre installed apps have gone through massive changes and improvements. The ‘Notes’ app now comes with new sketching features and checklists, and Maps offers accurate transit directions and travel time estimates. Users can also find a new NEWS app that learns all that it can about your likes and dislikes, and delivers content that might seem suitable to you. The Mail app now allows attachment of files. Apple has also improved its Apple Pay with new features like storing credit cards and codes for reward programs, thereby renaming Passbook to Wallet in the all new iOS 9.

Other small changes include the use of the “San Francisco” font throughout the system, support for wireless “CarPlay”, options for using the application for iCloud Drive, and better authentication and password locking mechanisms, which now make your iOS device much more secure than ever. Besides these features, there are various under the hood performance upgrades that we are yet to see in the iOS 9.

There are new battery optimization options that help to conserve battery for an hour longer, which is great news for all Apple users.

Guys, what are you thinking go ahead and upgrade to iOS 9 and cherish each and every moment with your iPhone & iPads.

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