How Nikon’s New DL Series Shoots Excellent Videos

Nikon is taking its first steps in the vast world of premium and easy to use compact digital cameras with the brand new DL series, which is set to launch soon. To make things interesting, Nikon will be releasing a total of three new digital cameras that is set to change the gameplay for the Japanese camera giant. All three models will have a sensor with a capacity of 20.8 mega pixels, the capability to record RAW images, along with a powerful 171 point AF (Autofocus) system of a hybrid nature. The only point of difference between the three models is the three different zoom lenses that come with these three cameras.

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Nikon DL24-85

The all new Nikon DL24-85 model is known to be a perfect camera for travel and general photography, all because of its compact and sleek style. The camera comes with a high power 3.6x zoom lens, that offers a high range focal length of 35 mm, which spans between 24mm and 85 mm and an aperture range of f1.8-2.8. Hence, the camera can be perfect for taking portraits, as well as indulging in some street photography. This camera also comes with a Super Macro Mode programmed by Nikon that can help budding photographers in capturing the smallest of details on objects like flower petals and leaves, like a dew drop.

DL 18-50

The next model, the DL 18-50, is retro fitted with a much shorter but wider f1.8-2.8 lens that comes with a focal range of 18-50mm. When compared to the previous model, this high end point and shoot camera from Nikon comes with a better optical range that is perfect for shooting wide landscapes. The camera also comes with a zoom lens with a capacity of 2.8x that has a Nano Crystal coating that allows for zero chances of flaring in the photographs. Flares are usually created high intensity beams of the sun, and this lens helps to avoid that.

DL 24-500

The final model, the DL 24-500, is sure to be known as the superzoom model from the house of Nikon. As is evident from the name, this compact point and shoot camera comes with a zoom lens of 21x capacity that offers a focal length of 24-500mm and an aperture range of f2.8-5.6. The camera is perhaps the only camera from the house of Nikon that comes with an in built OLED viewfinder to help in taking pictures. So all in, whether you want to shoot the moon, or a football match from the last row, or even someone standing at a distance, this model will serve all purposes.

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Video Recorder

Other than the fact that they share similar sensors for perfect photography, all the three models come equipped with the ability to shoot continuous video at a frame rate of 20, which can even go up to 60 when you lock in the focus. The cameras are also capable of recording 4K UHD 30fps video along with 1200 fps slow motion clips as well. All three models come out of the box with Wi-Fi connectivity, that allows for easy sharing of images through Android and iOS app SnapBridge, programmed specifically for Nikon.

Video Resolution

The cameras are well capable of handling 3840×2160 resolution 4K videos which are of UHD or ultra high definition nature. The videos are captured at a frame rate of 30 or more, which is quite impressive for a compact camera. The slow motion video can be shot at 1200 fps, but the resolution is quite low at 400×144 pixels. If you want a little bit of high capacity, the cameras are more than capable of recording Full HD video at 120 fps, and also 720p HD at 240 fps. The video recording options are tremendous on all three models.

So, Guys I must say that the “All New Nikon DL Series” premium compact cameras are going to rock the market with its excellent features.So, just go for it!

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