No Abrupt Pauses For YouTube Videos On Smartphones

Listening to your favorite playlist of Justin Bieber on YouTube app and checking the emails on your Smartphones do not go simultaneously. Alas! Even after you open YouTube on your web browser like Google Chrome, the problem would persist.

Limitations on Android

Despite being a behemoth in the field of online audio and video contents, YouTube  app has its unique limitations on Android (and iOS as well). In order to watch a video or listen to an audio clip, we have to keep the YouTube app active in the foreground as well as turn on the display else it would stop abruptly.

A Silver Lining

Maybe it is Google’s way of holding our attention to the ad space on YouTube but using a set of tricks both via the app and the browser; we can check our emails while Justin Bieber would still play on in the background. We can also turn off the display without stopping the YouTube audio track.

Here we go…

  1. Free Solutions via Google Chrome
  • Open YouTube on Google Chrome.
  • You will find the option ‘Desktop Site’ or just ‘Desktop’ on the browser menu.
  • Switch to this version?
  • Resume the ‘Play’ button and navigate to another app.
  • The app will stop.
  • Not to worry! You need to pull down the notification bar and resume the ‘play’ mode.
  • The audio/video clip will play in the background while you manage your emails (or do whatever you want).
  1. Purchase the YouTube Red Subscription

By paying a monthly subscription fee of 9.99 USD, you could explore the ‘Background Play feature of YouTube Red. Additional bonanzas are the absence of ads and a free subscription to Google Play Music and vice versa.

  1. Pop-Up Video Apps

The amazing Pop-Up Video Pro could be downloaded from Google Play Store. It plays a YouTube video in a floating pop-up window which could be dragged to a side for achieving a smaller effect. Unlike a monthly subscription fee for YouTube Red, here you could just pay a one-time fee and explore the benefits.

If you use other methods for playing videos in the background, share them with us in the comments.

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