PDF to Word Converter App – Great Way to Edit PDF Documents

On numerous occasions, you might get yourself caught with PDF that needs some quick fixing before you send it away. But then you realize that you can’t make a single change to its content because the PDFs can be hardly edited. It would most certainly require that you retype the whole document from scratch. That would require much effort and it feels like a waste of time.

This task of editing PDF is sometimes so mind-boggling that it can even make people leave an incriminating paper trail of hiding millions of dollars.

Although PDF converters aren’t made for this kind of tasks, sometimes using them might be a great time saver – like adding new skill or work experience to your PDF resume or reusing old science projects.

There are numerous options to convert PDFs, but now there is an option to convert files on your mobile device out of the box. The app is called PDF to Word Converter and it will allow you to turn PDFs into editable Word document. The app is available for both Android and iOS phones, you can download it for free.

Usability and Interface

PDF to Word Converter app can be used to convert any PDF document on your mobile phone. The app is connected to Google Drive, iCloud, Onedrive, Dropbox and Box, so you can convert documents directly from the cloud. After the conversion, word files can be easily shared, uploaded to the cloud or opened in other apps. This mobility of your documents makes working on the go a seamless experience.

The app is powered by OCR conversion that allows you to convert scanned documents and has integrated scanning option that you can use for printed documents or images of documents.

This app is real eye-candy in terms of user interface. It has very clean and simple interface, without ads, which makes users experience very pleasant and enjoyable.


As mentioned before, the app is free to download and use for unlimited time and without limits on pages per document. For free users there is a waiting time, that would take up to 1 hour of waiting for each document. This option is great when you convert up to one document per week, knowing that you can convert large books with over 50 pages, etc.

But for power users who can’t wait one hour or those who use the app very often, there is an in-app purchase “Fast Conversions”. This can be a good option when you consider that you pay only once in a lifetime for unlimited fast conversions (less than a minute).

You can download the app from both Play Store and App Store.


PDF to Word Converter app is a great app when you need to edit a PDF document. It is simple and very easy to use, it has a scanning option, it has great accessibility with connected cloud services and it is made for people who like to work on the go.

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