Prisma App – An Iconic Symbol Of Art

Prisma is being considered as perhaps the most popular android smartphone application for 2016. The app was launched one month ago, and already it has made itself the most downloaded app on a global scale. The best  part of Prisma app  is it is completely free and is available in in Google Play & Apple App Store. Users simply love to use the Prisma app to modify all their selfies, using the artistic filters provided on the app’s UI (user interphase). The edited images can be shared directly on Instagram and Facebook through the app only.

Prisma is something to be attracted to if you are a true selfiholic and love to upload selfies on Instagram and Facebook almost every hour. Many experts conducted trial runs and tests with the Prisma app, and the results were quite satisfactory to say the least. The very first observation was that the app is very easy to use thanks to a simple UI. Opening the app is pretty simple – you unlock your screen, press on the icon, and it is open. The app gives two primary options – clicking a new picture with the filter, or editing an existing selfie. The app usually crops all photos to a 1:1 aspect ratio, which makes it a whole lot easier for users to add the artistic filters provided on the app.

How To Use Prisma App – A quick Guide

As a first step, download the app.


Open the App. You can browse photo from your mobile or you can also take a real time picture. I have used my photo to demonstrate.


Once you select the photo, you can then choose from one of 33 filters and swipe to the right or left across the photo to change the intensity of the filter applied.Here I have selected “We can do it!” filter.



After making the adjustment, you picture is all set to go. Like my photo I have saved in mobile phone. You can also share as per your requirement.



There is one little glitch in all this filter business. Adding the filters might just take a bit more time than other photo editing apps. But this extra time is completely worth it when compared to the final result that the app provides. Under normal conditions and with a decent smartphone, the app worked like all other photo editing and tweaking applications available nowadays. But one thing that gives this app the lead in the race is the level of art the filters add to your images when you edit them. Something like this has not been seen in any other app that Android users have come across.

Art filters like Roy Lichtenstein’s Go for Baroque and Edvard Munch’s The Scream are only some of the filters available on the Prisma app. There are a total of 33 filters, which makes editing photos on this app the most interesting job to do. But the developers have reported that they will soon be adding more new filters so as to make the app even more artistic than it usually is.

Prisma’s social sharing button gives it another point over all the other photo editing apps on the Android platform. In normal scenarios, you can only share an edited image once you have saved it through the photo editing app’s save feature on your phone memory. But with Prisma, you will have the freedom to share images without having to save the file and occupy space on your phone memory.

So, in a nutshell, it can be said that the Prisma app is an effective and artistic photo editing tool with numerous possibilities. The basic idea behind using this app is to explore your artistic side by editing your selfies and other images, and Prisma’s filters will surely bring the artist out in you.

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