Running apps on Windows and Mac with ARC for Google Chrome

The world of android applications is a very much versatile one, along with being extremely developer friendly. Although the platform had a slow start, it has caught on with the rest of the market trend. Any developer can develop any kind of application for the Android platform and launch it on the Google Play Store.There are only a few restrictions in place, which developers will find quite simple to tackle when publishing their app. This wonderful concept of freedom has given birth to several wonderful Android applications, the sorts of which have never been seen on Nokia OVI store or Apple iTunes Store. Users generally require a tablet or smartphone running on Android to use these applications. But some iOS or Windows 8 users wish to try their hand at some cool android apps. But what should they do if they have such a weird craving?

Now-a-days, running Android apps on Windows and Mac PCs has become an easy job. Read on to find out about these unique ways and how good these ways are in running Android apps on your computer.

ARC for Google Chrome

Using Google’s ARC extension for Google Chrome is perhaps the easiest way to run Android apps from a Windows or Mac PC. Because it is an extension of Google Chrome, its limitations are not set for Windows. All Chromebook and Mac users can run this extension if they are using Google Chrome. The extension runs without any discrimination of the OS platform being used on any PC or laptop. You can simply add this extension from the Chrome Web Store, and you are all set to run Android apps without an Android phone.

ARC - App Runtime for Chrome
ARC Welder

This wonderful Google Chrome extension is a beta version, aimed mainly at helping out the young developers working hard in the field of Android development. But even so, regular users can quite easily use this extension to load an app of their choice. All you need is an APK for the extension, usually known as Sideloading, which can quite easily be downloaded from any website over the internet. It is not advisable that any user downloads paid games and apps from fraudulent websites. You can always get reliable APKs for absolutely no charge from reliable websites such as APK Mirror.

After downloading the APK, just open the ARC extension from the app list provided by chrome and drag and drop the file on it. Following this, you need to select the rendering option for the app you have chosen. You will see that not all apps run on this extension, as some APKs come with certain missing components when downloaded on a computer or laptop. Especially, certain apps from the Google Play Service will never run on this app, along with certain third party apps, until and unless the user is a developer himself.

Other than these minor issues, all other games and apps tend to work very well with the ARC extension. Apps such as Flappy Bird, Instagram and Evernote give full support to this Chrome extension. So you can add this extension to your browser with complete peace of mind.

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