Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – The Upcoming Anticipated Smartphone With Extended Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is one of the big brother for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as there is a great buzz in the market with the release of Galaxy S6. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be expected to have the next flagship of 2015. All-new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is considered as one of the best awaited device in the history of 2015. Since there is a great success for the Samsung Note 4 most of the people love to know the features that will be available on the new Samsung Note 5 Smartphone.

Stylish Design

Image Credit:www.breathecast.com
Image Credit:www.breathecast.com

The slim design of the Smartphone inspires many people as it will be useful for handling the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in the best manner. Metal frame design will be available for the Galaxy Note 5. This type of Smartphone is also considered as one of the most leading type as there are many features in the Smartphone. There is more improvement in the Galaxy Note series as it will be the leading gadget. The display of the Smartphone will have 4K display resolution so the HD images will be very stunning. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be expected to be released in the month of September. The sleekly design of the Smartphone makes many people happy with the comfortable usage of the features in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The power button is inbuilt with both the volume up and down so that it will be very easy for handling the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Get the promo code for Paytm cashback offers to save money.

Stunning Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be powered by Qualcomm 805 as it is one of the latest generations of chipset. Exploring more features in the Smartphone is also possible as it is coupled with the Quad-core processor at the 2.7 GHz frequency. The Smartphone will also be using the 8 core to 16 core with octa core processor so that the speed of the device will get improved when comparing to the other versions in the series. 4GB RAM will be used with the wireless charging including the faster charging time are enabled when compared to the previous versions. The gaming features with the Smartphone will also be more when compared to the others as it will support high graphic games. HD video recordings will also be enabled in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Smartphone. The front Stereo Speakers is also one of the highlighting feature in the device is that it provides the greater option in the Smartphone. Advanced type of TOUCH ID button will also be enabled in the Smartphone and it also supports the retina scanner. Many like to save their money for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 using CouponDekho.co.in.

Camera Features

The camera facilities are also very high for taking the best UHD snapshots of the favorite things. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will have the 27MP along with the ULL sensitivity rotator camera are enabled. The Smartphone is efficient for capturing the 8K resolution video so that it provides the great option for taking the video in the UHD quality.

Guys, I think Samsung is going to rock the market with this new flagship.

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