Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Hacks and Help

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 must be fresh out of box, into your hands and it is a no brainer that you are all set to explore the fantastic features that the phablet provides. The Galaxy Note 8 is decked with all the latest features of all time and one should definitely go ahead and make the most out of whatever it provides.

Hence, to make the aforesaid job easy for you, we are here with some tips and hacks to help you out with all the tricks and features of the Galaxy Note 8. Read on, to know more!

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Brilliant Bixby

Much like the latest Samsung phones, Galaxy S8 and S8 plus, the Galaxy Note 8 also come along with the inbuilt Bixby, Samsung’s own voice and virtual assistant technology that work exactly like Apple’s Siri or the “Google Assistant” on most Android phones does. Bixby definitely comes off as being extremely useful as it can get all you want to do on your phone done just by talking, typing or tapping. It also helps in letting you use your most needed apps under one screen by learning the user routine and all one needs to do to access the important apps is a swipe or a tap. It can also set up different reminders as well as enhance your experience with what you are viewing in the camera, gallery and Internet and can also let you take photos of whatever you see and identify what it is.

The Galaxy note 8 gives you an amazing opportunity to actually turn off the Bixby button which became an issue for lot of users as it automatically opened up the portal even when you touch it by accident. Now you can completely turn it off!


Full HD Display

Now you can make the most of your Galaxy Note 8 which comes with a limit of a “Full HD Resolution Display” by default. All you need to do is go to settings, click on display and select the QHD option. Although with this option the battery usage might be a little higher.

Sound Adaptation

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 provides the option of improving the quality of the audio by a ‘hearing test’. An “Adapt Sound” option within the Sound and Vibration menu in Settings have been designed so that the user can perform a hearing test to personalise the sound one is listening to. Keep the feature on to get the best sounds on your phablet.

The Off Screen Memo

We all know that one of the most prominent features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the S pen Stylus and hence taking notes is indeed one of the best aspects of Note 8. But unlocking the phone and opening up the memo every time to jot down things in a hurry can be a problem to many. Samsung came along with the perfect solution with the brilliant option of the Off Screen Memo. Now we can take notes with S Pen Stylus just by writing on the display without the need of turning on the phone.

The Waterproof writer S Pen Stylus

Everyone is surely aware that Galaxy Note is waterproof phone but an incredible fact to decipher is that the S Pen Stylus is a waterproof writer that can write even when the phone is wet. You can scribble and write even when the phone is drenched in water.

Dual App Usage

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with its 6.3 inches screen and split screen option is indeed a fit to be multitasked on. You can always tap on the multitasking tab of the open apps to open the screen in a half compressed manner and then resize the apps accordingly by dragging a line between the two and continue using dual apps at once.

Personalized Toggle Order

Very often we might not like the order of the toggles in the notifications drop down menu and with the Galaxy Note 8; Samsung gives us the option of choosing the order of the same for keeping the most needed features on top. “Personalized Toggle Order” can be made easily available just by bringing down the notification bar and pressing the “Button Order” on the cog situated in the top right.

Translation Tools

All texts in foreign languages can be translated just by using the S Pen! Highlight on the text and the phone will come up with the best translation.

Samsung Dex Supported

Samsung Dex is used to connect your phone with a monitor equipped with keyboard and mouse. You can easily slide in the phone and use it with a larger screen in a computer or laptop.

So, Guys, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with its tricks and features surely stands out and it is time to relish them all and use it to the fullest.

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