Samsung Galaxy S7 with intriguing camera specs

At the time of release of the Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors were rolling around in full force. Now all the attention is happening with 2016 Samsung Galaxy S7 flagship and I wonder about the people reaction what they will expect from this wonder phone. The Samsung Galaxy S7 vision has some wonderful camera specs and many more to come.

At CES 2015, the secret look at the Galaxy S6 was making various crazy people to know the confirmed specs and more. But you know it is interesting to have experience of knowing something secret. This is the real reason we are after the news and views of next flagship “Galaxy S7”, “LG G5, “Galaxy Note 5” etc. It is generously going to surprise us with its impeccable design and other aspects.

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Our focus is on camera. It is our nature that we run after the noteworthy features and specs. So I have rounded up with the particular thing is that Samsung Galaxy S7 camera. The source imagine of the 20 MP  front sensor with rotating camera system that can also flipped from back to front. The camera contains also feature of dual LED flash. We are hoping to see public’s good reaction with the new change which is now lifting our interest by being the part of rumor. When the phone will get alive we will sourced with reality.

When you keep in the mind about design of this concept S7, the images are displaying an extraordinarily sleek handset and the added value of the full metal build and the customary Home button. It looks amazing and keep us wondered with the exceptionally slim yet not so sophisticated and also has thin bezels. However, some people may not prefer the prominent Samsung lettering that moving on the reverse of the phone. Some of the imagination about the specs and features for the S7 from the source proclaim that a 3.0+ GHz Snapdragon octa-core processor or Exynos 16-core CPU. There’s also a 4K resolution display and foldable also. The 4GB of RAM, Touch ID and retina scanner, and enthralling fast charging technology is at its best with S7.

What will be the future of flagship you still do not know but we can reach to some vague idea that it will update us with more experiments and changes. Changes are always welcome if it is taking us in the genuine direction. So we want to know what people think about this new Samsung Galaxy S7 experimentation with its rotating camera system.

Do you think that Samsung is going to offer something like that what we are having now as a piece of rumor? Most importantly people will adore this or not. I think this could be amazing experience.

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