Samsung Galaxy S8 Review & All Specifications

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 the most beautiful and polished phone I’ve ever held. It was true not just for when I held it a month back but even now. The S8 is on for preorder and online mobile orders for it can be found specifically in flipkart.



The Galaxy S8 is a desire for eyes. But it’s also the flagship Samsung phone right now. It’s been helping restore user’s belief in Samsung, after the Note 7 battery disaster andithas a decent chance of standing up against it’s upcoming rivals- the pure Android Google “Pixel 2, the magnificent HTC U11 and best-at-price OnePlus 5.

The tall, narrow phone fits snugly in the palm and its curved sides scream “classy.” The screen itself is 5.8 inches of gorgeous colour stretching edge to edge with just a hint of a bezel. Going by the looks, this Samsung flagship, lands at the top of the class.


The main problem with the S8, trust me it is the worst- Bixby AI software, combines SiriGoogle Now and a camera add-on. While photo quality is great, it’s strange that Samsung, usually getting all the latest trends, opted for one back camera lens instead of two.


The battery makes the S8 warm, though never un-touch-ably hot. Hopefully, Samsung’s new eight-point battery would be keeping all future handsets, combustion-free. The battery reserves have lasted well. Overall, it’s better than the Galaxy S7, but not so much better at its core that S7 owners should rush to upgrade.


What the S8 is, is that it is extremely fast, highly competent, and a visually stunning device which you will probably want to use with a case. This will hide most of its beautiful lines,but it’s just too costly and pretty to risk dropping.


The Galaxy S8 is expensive. At $750, £689 , AU$1,199, or INR 55000. It is after all “The Samsung Flagship”, and is expected to cost as such, but does it deliver?

Do before you buy:-

As you aren’t hanging all your hopes on the half ready Bixby (Google Assistant is an easy alternative) and have an immense patience while unlocking the phone, the Galaxy S8 is a sound buy that is going to make heads turn. Also before buying it, try out the fingerprint sensor in a test model.

Some Highlights:

  • A case makes the fingerprint reader easier to get to, but the number of false scans is immense as compared to the Google Pixel, Honor 8, etc.
  • Top-level controls in the default camera app are an easy breeze.
  • Sides of some games and apps cut off when you go full screen (one example is cleash of clans).
  • The jerky rolling in the recent tabs isn’t likable.

It probably won’t sell a huge number, high end ones never do, but it has to create a brand impression. It is what Samsung will be associated with in the coming months and its success will decide how much of the handheld devices market Samsung can keep to itself, and away from the newly encroaching Chinese super brands like Xiomi and Le-Eco.

So Samsung, what next?

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