How to Share or Upload Screenshots directly to the Web effortlessly

In our regular day-to-day work we often need to take screenshots of some important documents, may be emails or images and for that we generally use Microsoft Paint or any other screenshot capturing tool.

Honestly, speaking yesterday I had been chatting in an Android development forum of Xamarin where I had to share some error screenshots with the developers for troubleshooting my Android application. But unfortunately there was no option for attaching any file in that “Chat Messenger”. Although I could have sent it via mail but at that point of time I was in need of urgent assistance in order to get rid of the problem where I was badly stuck.

It seemed to me as a roadblock because I was not able to figure out the problem. Then suddenly one of the developers shared me the link of which actually helped me to share the screenshot in a simplest way. I just took the screenshot (pressing “Print Scr” key from the keyboard) of the error and pasted the Screenshot onto the snaggy portal from clipboard and in turn it generates a link for my screenshot image.

Then I have shared the link in that “Chat Messenger of the development forum and the image got displayed in that messenger. In this way I have shared the screenshot with the developer in that “Chat Messengereffortlessly.

Please have a look into a simpler approach of uploading screenshots directly to the Web.

So, guys I have shared my experience about how a screenshot or an image can be shared over web in a most hassle freeway and I really don’t think that any other alternative workaround can turn over this procedure.

Snaggy is not only a screenshot or image sharing online tool also its efficient built-in editor provides seamless annotation, cropping and editing of an image.

Features of Snaggy

  •  Capturing screen by Print Screen key from keyboard
  •  Simple editor for annotating or cropping image.
  •  Pasting selection image from image editor like Photoshop, MS Paint etc.
  •  Copy & pasting local image and also from websites.


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