A short but apt review on Lenovo ThinkPad Helix

The new ThinkPad Helix from Lenovo is an extremely versatile device. The 11.6-inch laptop with Windows 8 Pro usually functions as a notebook PC with two batteries, a touchscreen tablet and also as an acrobatic desktop presenter for professional presentations. The ThinkPad Helix comes with an SSD with 128 GB capacity, which allows for high-speed data transfer between the tablet’s memory and any other external storage device. The SSD makes this laptop one of the most sought after devices in 2015. Several PC magazines and ranking systems have given great ranks and ratings to the ThinkPad Helix.

When being used as both a laptop and tablet, the ThinkPad Helix’s battery lasted for up to 6 hours and 30 minutes, due to additional batteries in each of the components inside the laptop. But when it was being operated with just one battery like a tablet, the battery life decreased drastically to only about 2 hours. In non-hard disk usage tasks and functions, the performance level of the ThinkPad Helix is truly astounding. The laptop comes with the latest Intel Core i5 mobile processor, supported by 4 GB DDR3 RAM that is shared with the onboard Intel HD 4000 graphics hardware, which decreases the laptop’s function if it is used as a gaming laptop.


image Credit:www.extremetech.com
Image Credit:www.extremetech.com

With so many high end latest components, the price of the laptop hovers around USD 1680, with various sellers giving discounts on various occasions. The average price after discount from most sellers was estimated at USD 1420, whereas any Windows 8 laptop can nowadays be purchased for just USD 1000. This puts the buyer in a difficult position when making the final choice. Users are often confused with the price tag, which makes them think about which model to purchase – the ThinkPad Helix or any other model.

Lenovo also adds a plastic stylus with this tablet, but no user has as of yet felt comfortable while using the stylus. It is a much better idea to use the touchscreen feature. The screen supports excellent swiping functions, which is a good thing. The laptop’s display is astounding 1920 x1080 pixels and is an IPS display variety. The display is perfect for video chats on Skype and watching videos on YouTube. But the main problem was website running on Flash, where certain features were tiny and miniature owing to a difference in pixel rate. The pinch and zoom feature is there to zoom in, but it will be a regular issue for you, as most websites use Flash nowadays.

In terms of design, the laptop tablet is perfect for someone who wants a laptop for professional or business purposes and requires a high performing laptop at an affordable price tag. There are many models available in the market which fit this exact description and are under USD 1000. But many people prefer to go for the Lenovo ThinkPad Helix because of brand loyalty, and also because of the need to show off. So think carefully and then make your choice – don’t rush into it.

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