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India claims to have an incredible network of transportation due to the abundant usage of buses, auto rickshaws, metro rails, local trains, express trains, and especially cabs. Among all these, people prefer cabs the most, especially those people who want to do a little sight-seeing in any city without any worries or financial distress. It is quite difficult to get a cab just like on any street in any city. Hence, booking cabs via smartphone apps or taxi service websites become an imperative factor. The cheap and easily available modes of transport are often overcrowded and very much uncomfortable. When you use smartphone apps to book smart cabs online, you usually get a booking confirmation message almost instantly via SMS or email.


TaxiForSure app

TaxiForSure is probably the quickest way to book a smart cab online in several Indian cities. The app allows you to book a cab in the most convenient way, thereby making your journeys extremely safe and comfortable. Users can download the app for free from Google’s Play store,Apple App store and Windows App store to book cabs (by clicking “PickNowoption in the app)  at any place and at any time. TaxiForSure operates in approximately 50+ cities in India and provides their service to a wide customer base. The app is perfect for people looking for the train station or airport transfers and also for people making plans to go out for shopping, dinner and movies.

TaxiForSure is considered to be the cheapest and most convenient means of travel ever to have existed on the smartphone platform. With just a few simple taps, cabs can be booked via the TaxiForSure app. The rates are quite affordable and the service quite speedy, thereby saving you a lot of time and money. The drivers are friendly and know their way around the city, hence getting lost is simply out of the question. They also offer great deals for first-time riders. Not only can you make the payment for the cab online, you can also pay the driver cash when you reach your destination. You can let your friends track you via “Whatsapp” or SMS in case you are travelling late at night.


You will get 100 INR credit for each referrals.If your friend avails the service then you and youir frind will get 100 INR credit.

The first rider will also get 100 INR credit for taking first ride requesting from the mobile app.

TaxiForSure offers various coupons in India’s various leading coupon websites. (Grabon,Coupondunia,Shoppirate etc.) where you will find 100% cashback or may be 100 INR or 200 INR discount.

Meru Cab

Meru Cab is considered to be India’s numero uno service provider for smart cabs. Currently, “Meru” is operating in almost 20+ cities across India. Users should download the app for free from different app stores (Apple, Google (Android), Windows,Blackberry) to make cab bookings. The entire booking and payment process is faster than any other smart cab app currently in existence. Not only the process is quick, but also it is simple enough for teenagers to make bookings. “Meru” takes care of on spot bookings, advance bookings as well as intercity travel reservations. This makes their service widespread and their customer base even wider.

Riders have a number of payment gateways at their disposal to pay for their cab ride, they can pay via credit cards, payment wallets, or they can even pay cash if they so choose to.


You can also get plenty of coupons offered by Meru cabs in Grabon,Shoppirate,Coupondunia etc websites.

So,Guys dowmload these apps right now to make your journey simple and a whole lot more comfortable as well as safe and secure with trustworthy drivers.

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