Smart clothes and wristbands device that make life easier – thanks to M. Coelho

Do you ever wish that you had a device that could transform your mundane and monotonous office clothes into a trendy and fashionable party outfit, or a device that could guide you towards a brand new friend in your life? Then it’s high time you give a call to Marcelo Coelho.

Coelho is a researcher working with “Fluid Interfaces” under the Media Lab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or better known as MIT. He has been working with cutting edge innovations in wearable devices that seem to be much smarter than the person who is wearing the said devices.

The biggest segment where this device can quite easily be used is the clothing sector, as the device can be given the power to think for itself and work like a computer with artificial intelligence. As per Coelho, the user can program his or her shirt to change its color as per his or her wish, or change its pattern as per the ambience. The person maybe wearing the same shirt at the office as well as the party he has to go to – all thanks to the wonders of this new device, which can alter the pattern and shade of the shirt.

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Another technological advancement from the mind of Coelho is the adjustable hemline dress, the hemline of which can be controlled to rise and fall as per the wearer’s wishes, as well as a smart dress that has flowers all over its body – which open and close.

All this information was provided by a 35 year old Marcelo Coelho, who was giving a lecture on emerging technology at the 2015 EmTech Conference of the MIT, that took place in Rio de Janeiro. The conference’s main emphasis is on technology from and for the future. The basic concept of futuristic technology is to bring science fiction oriented developments to sectors like medicine and drones. But Coelho aims at bringing these upgrades to our everyday lives.

In an attempt to come up with smart clothes, Coelho came up with a brand new device that assists the user to find a certain individual he or she might want to talk to, might want to flirt with, or might want to avoid or ignore. The device comes in the shape of a standard wrist watch, this tiny digital computer has all your personal data like your Facebook information preinstalled or pre-programmed, and communicates with any and every other device in the room or the club.

Coelho explains that when the user of the said device goes to party or an event, his or her wrist band tries to match itself with someone else’s wristband. If the wristband does not find its compatible counterpart, then a red light will indicate the same, and if someone’s band matches with the user’s, then a green light will go on. This truly is an innovative feature, as it makes dating a whole lot easier.

So, Guys I am just waiting for this wonderful innovation from Marcelo Coelho and I wish I could wear these “smart clothes”.

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