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Main drawback of Android devices, iPhones and other iOS devices have been the battery. The battery of these devices has never been consistent. But if we follow some tips and take some measures, the problem will be solved and will last longer. Let’s talk about iPhone today. The interface, that iPhone is using is very simple when compared to other platforms of smartphones. But the fun has a cost of battery life. A user who has been using iPhone for a while must have realized that the phone must be charged almost every couple of days and it lasts for only one day or not even a day, if the phone is connected to the internet all the time.

There are many ways to preserve iPhone battery. We often switch off the apps to preserve the it but beyond this there are many other ways to preserve it. Some of which are mentioned below:

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  • Always set auto brightness for the screen, as the screen consumes the most of the battery.
  • Wi-Fi consumes huge battery; we can simply turn off Wi-Fi, or use 3G or 4G networks when we need to surf. Even we can stick to 2G network if you don’t need to surf internet.
  • Turning off Bluetooth when it’s not required can also save it.
  • When you launch an app it automatically sync the location by activating GPS and consumes battery. You can turn off GPS when the phone is in idle mode.
  • You often listen to music and forget to turn off the Equalizer, as we never knew that the equalizer too consumes the battery. While we set the equalizer, we set it in depending of the mode of song and the phone acts accordingly to set the tone, which automatically consumes battery. If you turn off the Equalizer after the use then it protect it from further consumption.
  • iPhone claims that it automatically close the background apps in suspend mode, but it has been seen by the users that this is not done by the phone itself. So if you close this app in frequent intervals then the battery will immediately regain.
  • If you maintain multiple email accounts and sync them in regular intervals or set an automatic mode of notification. This automatic notification even syncs when your phone is in idle mode and consumes battery If we set our phone to check the mails in less often interval then this will preserve it.
  • You can even buy an iPhone case which has a battery extension. This feature will increase the its life. The cost of this might be a bit more but it’s worth it. And a unique way to preserve your iPhone’s battery
  • You can even set your mobile phones in an airplane mode when you are in low coverage area. Especially in low coverage areas the phone automatically search for the network and consumes battery. This feature can be activated in night in most cases.

Guys, the above are the few tips which I think may help you in your day to day life.

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