Social Media Safety Guide For Non-Tech Savvy Parents

Everyone is familiar with social networking using the social messaging apps on the smartphones connected to the internet. The social media platforms such as Facebook, Yahoo, Line, Vine, Tinder, Viber, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and others are fascinating for the users when it comes to use their free tools.

A user can use the social networking apps tools such as text messages, audio, and video conversation, Voice messages, shared media such as photos and videos. The young kids and teens are the most frequent users of the instant messaging apps and that’s why they have become tech-savvy using their cell phones devices such as Android, IOS, and Blackberries.  The young teenagers use the social media platforms such as they have got first and the last opportunity in their lives. Having such an intensity, using the digital world, really make parents worry about why they are so much attracted to the instant messengers. That’s why at the end of the day most of the parents want to know why it is so?

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How can parents be tech-savvy to know about social media?

Make their own social media accounts

Parents should also make multiple accounts of different social media apps and then follow the instructions given to you. Once you have made your social messaging apps accounts, then put your images on it, and do all the activities that the social media platforms allows their user. The back to back activities on regular basis will make you familiar with the things that how Non Tech-Savvy parents can become complete tech-savvy parents in order to protect kids and teens from social app hazards.

Learn from your kids and teens

The young generation is far more tech-savvy than their post generations, so parents should learn from their kids and teens that how to use the cell phones and the social networking apps that are in the trend. You can sit with their kids and teens having a friendly environment and then can see what they do and how they perform activities on the social messaging apps.

Do activities what your kid does

Your young kids and teens do text conversations, so you can view how they do it. Furthermore, you can see how the children make audio and video conversations on the messengers. However, you can learn from your kids that how to share media files on the social media platforms and what are the “DOs” and “Dont’s“.

Give your regular time to your devices

The regular practice of using the gadgets such Android and IOS, at the end of the day you will come to know how you can use the devices and how to connect it with the internet and what are the basic things you need to know before having an account on the digital world.

Learn to follow and to be followed

Parents should learn from their children that how they can make friends online. They should get to know that how to follow or send the friend request, how to find someone on the messenger and how to be followed. This will really make parents a tech-savvy and with the passage of time, they will get to know how kids and teens their cell phones and social media.

Parents will protect kids from social media dangers: Being Tech-Savvy

Once the parents have got all the required information and the use of social messaging apps, then they can easily protect young kids and teens from all digital nightmares. But they have to adopt the spy app for cell phones that enable them to keep an eye on their kid’s activities or to impose complete monitoring process on the children.

Install the cell phone surveillance software

Once the parents have installed the cell phone monitoring software on the target phone, then they can use IM’s social media of the mobile phone monitoring software. This will let the user grab IM’s logs via cell phone soy online control panel. They will be able to view chat conversations, shared media such as photos and videos and audio and video conversations. Tech-savvy parents can operate the spy app easily. Tech-savvy parents can use the TOS spy 360 live screen sharing and can share the screen of their kids and teens cell phone to the web portal and parents can view all the activities happen on the target mobile phone in real-time to the fullest.


Parents need to learn how to become a tech-savvy and then use social media safety guide for kids and teens in the shape of the cell phone monitoring app.

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