Some iPhone 7 concepts that will simply blow your mind if made use of

Each and every iPhone user has a special idea about how the next iPhone, that is, the Apple iPhone 7 should look and feel like. Some of these ideas are quite frankly doable, and quite possibly will be included in the next phone itself, but some are really unique, and chances are that Apple might not include them in the upcoming model. We will be looking at a few of these ideas that could quite easily be used by Apple for its upcoming phones. These are only a special few among the hundreds that can be found on the internet almost on a daily basis.

It’s sad and unfortunate that Apple, the maker of the so called JESUS phones, has not brought about any major changes in the design of the new iPhone models that it has launched over the years. But still ardent supporters and users of Apple phones want their phones to look much cooler than the various rivals running on Android. Read on to find out more.

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A much cleaner look

The first concept includes an iPhone design without any antenna bands making the rear case look ugly. This concept was brought up by Eric Huismann. If Apple decides to lauch a 4 inch iPhone that can capture the mini smartphone market with a storm, then Huismann’s concept would be perfect. The 4.7 and 5.5 inch variants would not be able to include this concept.

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A simple design

Many users of the iPhone have posted on the internet that they would like a much simpler design for their next iPhones, including a standard 3.5mm headphone slot, a flatter body, and the use of compound materials to give it a sleeker look. This would surely attract a lot of potential customers who try to avoid the phones for their complexity.

A phone inspired by the Android platform

Afikouras, a Reddit user, came up with a concept of an iPhone 7 with the absence of a physical home button on the front. This absence of the home button is really appealing. Along with this, this Reddit user also suggests a much smoother rear panel without the presence of antenna bands. The only problem is that the iPhone will lose its unique look and will look similar to all other Android phones currently prevailing in the market.


A bigger display would be nice

Martin Hajek suggests that the new iPhone 7 should come with an edge to edge screen that is good to look at and easy to use. This design has but a few flaws, that include a physical home button, along with two soft buttons on either side. An increased size would mean that Apple could decrease the size of the phone, along with increased screen 

The obvious absence of buttons on the phone

Marek Weidlich suggests that the iPhone, like the N9 from Nokia, should come without any buttons, or even a physical home button. This concept is not so much far-fetched, and can actually be incorporated in the next iPhone 7. iPhone users are getting tired of the monotonous design of the phones, and if Apple does not introduce a revolutionary change, then the user-ship is sure to go down.

Image Credit:www.youtube.com
Image Credit:www.youtube.com

An iPhone without any bezel

An iPhone without any bezel whatsoever sounds like a lovely idea. This concept is put forth by ConceptsiPhone, and showcases an edge to edge large display with no bezels whatsoever. But the front of the iPhone will still have to showcase a physical home button as put forth by Hajek. But even with the home button, the phone will still look marvelous.

An iPhone that is curvy

Yasser Farahi puts forward a theory and concept that is both sophisticated, and at the same time breathtaking. He says that Apple should include a Sapphire Glass screen to make the phone a curvy model. He also suggests that Apple should include a camera protrusion feature, which can only be turned on when the camera app is in use. He further proposes wireless charging, a feature that many Android phones make use of.

A glowing Apple logo on every iPhone

The Apple logo is in itself a wonderful thing to look at, be it on any device, and if that logo is introduced as a glowing one in the next iPhone series, then it will truly be a sight to look at. Martin Hajek again puts forth a wonderful concept that is sure to win hearts all over the world.

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