Sony does a ‘Dark Night’ with the upcoming Darth Vader PS4 console

The craze of PS4 has increased so much that Sony has announced to launch Darth Vader themed PS4 console this year, November,so that the gamers can unleash the power of highly anticipated game, Star Wars: Battlefront. The force of play station is about to get stronger with this new launch. This custom-made console has been planned to be made available in two PS4 bundles. An image of the Star Wars logo as well as Darth Vader will be printed on the console which is customized with 1 TB PS4 console, and besides this, each bundle will include a distinctive 500GB console and a controller whose black, red and white buttons will display the “Star Wars” logo printed across the touchpad. This gives an exotic look to the console pack.

Image Credit: www.gamesradar.com
Image Credit: www.gamesradar.com

Sony has designed PlayStation 4 to enhance the designers’ imaginative skills to develop the very best games and deliver new gameplay experiences like never before. Sony has placed emphasis on social game play with new and attractive design of the PS4. The new gaming console which is inspired by Darth Vader’s suit with DualShock 4 controller is truly limited edition. The PS4 console will contain a copy of the upcoming “Star Wars: Battlefront” from DICE, along with digital codes for downloading four classic games – Star Wars: Racer Revenge, Super Star Wars, Star Wars Bounty Hunter and Jedi Starfighter – all of which can be played on the PS4 for the very first time. Kids will really get attracted to the new classic figures of the Star Wars series. Sony has attracted kids till date with its other PS4 models, and they are expected to do the same with the Darth Vader model as well. Sony announced that the PlayStation 4 console will be available from November 17 and pre-ordering will start very soon.

As the trend of PS4 is on rise and the features of this console are so interesting, it will not only attract the kids but also the teens and adults for its amazing features. Sony hasn’t communicated what the market price will be as of yet, but we’d expect at least the Darth Vader kits to carry a premium run-of-the-mill 500GB system. The console with the new hardware that is designed with the Star Wars look is the MSP of the product. Sony has not only concentrated on the quality but also on the design.

Image Credit: villainstournament.wikia.com
Image Credit: villainstournament.wikia.com

The second bundle includes the controller and the console along with an exclusive hardware kit which is named as the Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition. The kit comes with “Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition,” along with some bonus games. It will be available only at Wal-Mart. 

This news has created a buzz around the globe with Sony announcing the launch of the Darth Vader. The console wars between the PS4 and the XBOX ONE currently dominate the gaming media.

Guys, I believe that Sony’s  limited edition PlayStation 4 console, inspired by Darth Vader from ‘Star Wars’, iis going to rick the entire gaming world.

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