Splitting up wisely with smile- “SPLITWISE”

No, I am not talking about splitting up with your girlfriend. I am talking about a website with apps “SPLITWISE”. Wondering about this new App!! Read below and you will understand about this amazing smart App.

If you click on this website https://www.splitwise.com/ you will get to know about “SPLITWISE”. This APP is available for Android, iOS, WINDOWS platform and works amazingly when you live in hostel, or in shared apartment with friends. Register in their website for free and then with the help of “SPLITWISE” you can keep track of all your monthly or weekly bills (like groceries, room rent, electricity etc.).

All you need to do is to add the amount which will be divided equally among the group where everybody can pay the bills in due time. “SPLITWISE” will also take care of sending you reminder and notifications for bill payment. Any one of your friend can also put his amount which he has paid for any expenses and you will be notified that how much amount you have to pay to your friend.

If all of you are going for a lunch or dinner and want to go to Dutch, then just put the bill in the APP, it will do the calculation for you and tell you how much exactly will each one has to pay. Grocery, house rent, movie tickets sharing, everything becomes just easy to handle with “SPLITWISE”.

SPLITWISE is having 3 main section:

  • You Owe – The amount in this section will show that how much amount you have to pay.
  • You are owedThe amount in this section will show that how much amount you will be getting from your friends.
  • Total Balance It will display the total balance.

For example, when you are putting any amount lets say, $75 and will share with your 3 friends or in a group, “SPLITWISE” will show you that how much amount  “You are owed” from your friends in green color and the amount is $50 because you have not included yourself.If you want you can also include yourself in the deal calculation.

Again, when your friend has put some amount then in the “You owe” section you will see that amount in red color.

Now after paying the amount click the “Settle Up” button in “SPLITWISE” app and the amount will become zero(0) in the “You Owe” section.That means the settlement has been done and both the party will receive a notification.

If any one takes a loan from you and you have a bad habit of not able to ask him the money, then just put his name, email id and amount you owe in the app. It will take care of your friend by giving him reminder, by sending him messages so that you friend can take initiative to pay it back to you.

This app has some unique features like tax calculator, furniture calculator that can be used to check the price of furniture if you want to buy a new or sell your used one. The “splitwise guest calculator” is an amazing feature that let you show a little more affection towards a friend with whom you have spent just one day.

One naughty but interesting feature of this app is the “Noise taxes”, if your night life is disturbing others by making noise or by any other activities, this app will guide you perfectly how much you should pay for apologizing to your neighbour. Isn’t that cool!! “Splitwise” accepts Dollar, Pounds, INR, and many other currencies, so no matter wherever you are, “Splitwise” can be your partner for ever.

Even after marriage, if both of you agree to share responsibilities then download this magic app today. The best part of this app is even when you will have a fight with your spouse, this App will do the financial talking on behalf of you.

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Image Credit: www.splitwise.com

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