How to stream online content on your HD TV wirelessly

It is a very simple thing to do – investing in a quality and fully functional media player for your HD television set to use it online. The TV set you own should come with free HDMI and a free USB port as well so as to use such a media playing device. With such a modern and technical setup, you can quite easily and simply stream your favorite content from the World Wide Web wirelessly, or any other connected data devices, along with the ability to support a variety of digital media formats. Now, the main thing worth your consideration is your own budget. Depending on your budget limit and the specific need for which you need this digital wireless setup, you have the option of selecting a single variety of media player from the two primary types available in the market nowadays.

The first type is the ultra-portable variety. In this segment, you can go for the Google Chrome cast, which can be purchased online at just Rs. 3000 ($30 approx.). The device looks similar to a USB flash drive, and can be connected to your television set via the USB or HDMI port to power it up. Once powered up, it can quite easily stream all types of internet content, namely, videos, music and pictures. The streaming would be done wirelessly from a nearby desktop or laptop, tablet or smartphone. If you want to stream from your smartphone or tablet, you will need to download and install the Chrome cast application, which is available on both Google Play Store and iOS iTunes Store. This application will prove to be extremely useful when you are setting up your Chrome cast for the first time.

If you are not a Chrome cast fan, you can always go for the Roku 3500R streaming stick, which can be purchased for Rs 5000 ($84 approx.) from various online stores. This device can be controlled and monitored from the Roku Android and iOS application, and comes with a remote control as well for manual control. With both Chrome cast and Roku, you can effortlessly stream online content, but there is one vital drawback in both of these devices – they do not come with the option of internal storage.

For storage purposes, you should always go for the box variant of streaming devices. These devices can be connected to a TV with an HDMI port. Along with the HDMI connectivity, they come with USB connectivity, Ethernet option, digital audio playing optical out and SD card slot, just to make things a whole lot easier.

The main products falling under this category, which you can opt for, are Roku 3 available at Rs 8500, Amkette evoTV at Rs 6000 and the WD TV Live, which is available at around Rs. 8000. Among all these, the WD TV is preferred mostly for people looking for personal multimedia content solutions, along with the ability to access sites like Flickr and YouTube for streaming purposes. The Amkette model is perfect for using a USB flash drive and is based on an Android controlled system, using which, you can access various applications on Play Store online.

So Guys, I think this one of the smartest invention of Google and we should really thank them for making our life more smarter.

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