The Age of Enhanced Cellular Devices

This is the age when anyone and everyone owns a smart phone and is connected to the internet in one way or the other. In the market you will find a host of companies to choose from when you are buying a cellular devices. But as a matter of fact, you must choose wisely and prudently. Apart from these there are also certain things that you must also keep in mind. For example, there are few do’s and don’ts when it these Cellular Devices. The following are some of the few things that you must always keep in mind while buying and using a smart phone. As a matter of fact, there have been many accidents that have taken place due to the misuse of these devices and it lead to death and fatal injury.

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The following are the sixteen things that you must never do with your Cellular Devices

  • You must always negate the habit of overcharging the Smartphone.  a matter of fact the overcharging may cause overheating of the device which may harm the device in many ways.
  • You must always avoid keeping the device in the chest pocket of your shirt. According to the doctors, this habit is extremely injurious to health as the device is transmitting signals which affects the internal organs especially the heart in an adverse way.
  • You must always avoid plugging the headphone in while charging the device. This is a very common practice among a lot of people and the main danger of this practice is electrocution.
  • Keeping the cell-phone nearby while sleeping can be dangerous and according to the doctors, the signal transmission can actually interfere with a peaceful sleep.
  • You must always avoid exposing the device to direct rays of the sun especially while charging which will make the heating problems worse.
  • You must always avoid charging the device on an uneven surface. This can lead to many issues and also overheating and fire hazards.
  • You must always avoid putting pressure on the device. Never exert pressure on the device and try not to keep the device under anything which is surprisingly heavy.
  • Avoid charging the device with the help of a power extension cordor a multi-plug. As a matter of fact this can damage the device.
  • Avoid buying the cell phone from an unauthorized repairing shop. Buying anything from unauthorized shops is folly. The device may have old repaired components which may die any time. On the other hand these devices may contain many malicious applications without your knowledge.
  • You must always avoid buying cheap adapters for charging your device. This will without any doubt effect the device adversely and may also harm the internal components.
  • You must always remove the case or the protective cover from the cell phone before charging it. As a matter of fact, the cover will not allow the heat to escape and it will ultimately overheat the device.
  • Taking calls and play games must be avoided while charging the cell phone. This may cause the issue of overheating and the user may also get electrocuted.
  • You must al all costs avoid downloading applications from unknown sources for the safety and the security reasons.
  • If the phone is wet do not plug in the headphone or the charger.
  • You must never keep the cell phone unlocked for various security concerns.

If you follow the above stated points and remember them, you can use the device for a longer period of time without having the risk of damaging it in any way whatsoever.  Apart from these, these points will also save you from any accident that may occur because of the device.

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