The Captivating Cosmic Watch

The cosmic watch app that is considered to be a genius in the world of applications is the beautiful replica of the universe in your own phones and tablets. It is a 3 Dimensional interactive tool that incorporates the Earth, the solar system and most other constellations within its umbrella. It works real-time and also has the quality of going back in the past.It acts as a world clock, a time travel machine, a GPS for specific locations, a special tool for telescope adjustment, an antikythera mechanism, an orrey, an eclipse mapper, an astrolab, an armilliary sphere and an astral-chart generator.

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How The Cosmic Watch App Works

Time has a deeper meaning than what we typically think” Markus Humbel, co-founder of the app told Live Science. The app completely changes our one dimensional view of time and allows us to move beyond time to reveal our position in the cosmos and position it with the movement of other celestial constellations. It can also go back in time and tell you the condition of the solar system during your birth as well as set the scene for the next solar eclipse. The app functions as a model of classical astrology and current astronomy, both. “The Cosmic Watch is the first astronomical clock in the digital age” Humbel adds.

In a nut shell you will get the flavor of the entire Universe. Read more below to get more clarity..!!

The watch allows an incredible ecliptic view around the planet giving you a feel of floating around the solar system with the Earth as your focal point. It operates in the “world clock mode”, “astronomy mode” and “astrology mode”. The home screen has an option of going full screen and provides a horizontal view. The real-time world clock can tell you the exact time of a particular city once you tap on it and also view the sky with the position of the Sun, Moon and planets over the city by whirling the globe around any axis. It also gives you multiple viewing options and the Earth can be viewed with the sky cover or without the same, and the open sky can fill your entire screen with interstellar dust and gas.

We can also see how darkness falls upon various cities as the particular part of the globe rotate away from the sun. The time travel makes the most fun part of the app; you can put in your birth date and place and see the arrangement of the planets at the exact time of your birth. You can dive further deeper into the app and track the movements of the universe as well as use the compass and align the cardinal points to see the actual directions. Along with it you can find your own real-time position in the cosmos and adjust your telescope to have an even better experience.

To sum it up, the complex mechanism of time and constellation is now available at a touch of your fingertips with the help of the Cosmic Watch! It is indeed the first of its kind when it comes to educational apps with the immense aesthetic beauty and entertaining and interesting features. A step by step tutorial is provided in the official website of the app itself. The Cosmic Watch App is currently available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store and can be purchased at a sum of $4.99.

So, Guys, I believe the new “Cosmic Watch App” is a wonderful system of where a person can get the entire information and knowledge about our Solar System and what is going around in our Universe. I think getting entire Universe in our hand for 5 bugs will be worth it.

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