Top 3 Tips To Increase Battery Life On iPhone

Modern technology comes with a common trait – it sucks like a vampire from the national electrical grid to run properly. Most amazing technologically advanced devices like iPad and iPhone may feel great to use, but when they run out of battery, the only purpose these devices can serve is that of a paper weight. But ask yourself – do you really spend hundreds of dollars to simply buy a paper weight?. I guess the answer should be “NO“. Here, we have come up here with some wonderful tips and tricks that will help you to save your Apple devices’ battery, thereby giving you an entire day’s battery life on your iPhone. Read on to find out more about saving and improving the battery of your iPhone, running on the iOS 9 platform. Also, these tips will work quite well for devices running the 7 or 8 variant. So, read on.

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Turning on the low power mode on your iOS 9 iPhone

The iOS 9 operating system comes with a new power saving mode, that automatically reduces the consumption of power when your phone has only 20% of remaining battery life. As per Apple executives, this power saving mode will provide you three hours worth of usage with 20% batter only. This mode is not turned on automatically. When the battery drains to 20%, a warning message is given by the phone, selecting which will give you access to this power saving mode on your iPhone. You would be wise to turn this option on if you are nowhere near a charging point and you are not carrying a power bank. As per popular reviews, a battery with 17% power works like a battery with 49% power on low power mode. If you do not want to wait for your battery to go to 20% and want turn the low power mode on beforehand, you can do so by going to SETTINGS, then selecting BATTERY, and then checking the TURN ON LOW POWER MODE option.


Analyzing the condition of your iPhone battery

If you really want to find out the exact condition, you can do so by opening the SETTINGS menu of your iPhone, selecting the GENERAL tab, clicking on the BATTERY tab, and wait for the phone to load the Battery usage report. This report allows you access to all the details pertaining to your iPhone battery usage and other Standby mode details. You can even find the usage time in this report, which indicates the time for which you can use your iPhone with existing battery power.
The best way to test the strength of your iPhone battery is compare the usage and standby time provided in the battery usage report and putting your iPhone to sleep by flipping the on / off button given on top of the device. Turn it on again after a few minutes and note the change in both the time figures. If your battery is a healthy one, the time will surely increase by a few minutes, especially the usage time. If the time increases by more than a few minutes, say 9 or 10 minutes, then you need to have your phone checked, because your battery is being drained and your phone is unable to sleep.

Finding which apps drain your battery

With the various features provided on the iOS 8 and 9 operating system platforms, you can quite easily figure out which apps are draining most of your battery life. You just need to go to your SETTINGS menu, choose the GENERAL tab, click on BATTERY and simply scroll down to see the list of apps that have been draining your iPhone battery for the last 24 hours. The first and foremost app that you will see on this list is the Facebook app. The second will be the Safari app. But this is OK – as you use these apps the most. So if you want to save battery on your phone, its suggestible that you cut down on your social media time.

So, Guys, I have tried to summarize couple of essential points which will actually help you to increase your batter life. Hope, this article will be really helpful for you.

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