How to turn off audio in Google Chrome tabs with one click

Have you come across certain scenarios in earlier times when an audio file started playing out of the blue on your web browser, and you did not even hit a play button? This out of the blue music can be frustrating as well as irritating, especially if opened several tabs together in a single session. This frustrating thing occurs just because certain websites have embedded audio in their design and coding, which comes with an auto-play feature. The sound may come from an audio file, or a video file. Even if the website you have opened is not the active tab you are working on, the embedded audio track will still play.

Sometimes, you may be in an excessively bad mood. In such a case, stopping the sudden outbreak of music becomes an imperative thing to do. You will try to do any and everything to stop the music, so that you can control your frustration and irritation. There are many ways for doing things. For example, you can navigate through the website to find the gadget or widget playing the music, and after you have found it, you can mute it. You can also go to your browser’s settings menu, and mute the volume for any tab that is opened on the browser.

Google Chrome, being a modern and up to date browser, has the feature of displaying audio icons in opened tabs, which indicates that the website has some form of embedded audio or video file, and it will start playing on its own. But there still lies the problem of navigating through the website in order to identify the source of the sound, and then mute it. To make things easier, Google has installed a new experimental feature on Chrome Canary and Chrome Dev, which makes the entire process much easier. Users can now simply click on the audio icon of a tab to mute any and every sound on a particular website. If users want to use this new feature on their version of chrome they simply need to type “chrome://flags/#enable-tab-audio-muting” in their address bar, which will open the features and extensions page, from where any user can add this muting function. After enabling the feature, the user must restart Google Chrome once, so that the change can take effect. Although there is really no need to disable this feature, if you still want to do so, follow the same procedure and disable the function.

The muting function can only be used if and when a Chrome tab has the audio icon. Sites like You tube can be muted with the use of this experimental function, but there are certain websites, on which this function currently has no effect, for example, Vimeo. The muting function also allows the user to mute multiple tabs at one go with the use of the tab context menu on Chrome. So if any website is irritating you with useless music or videos of people saying something you don’t want to hear, go for this muting function today.

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