Two honest reviews about the new Xbox One Elite gaming controller

Microsoft recently released their brand new Xbox gaming controller that falls in the exorbitant price range of USD 150.00. The company officials comment that this new gaming device has been developed in such a way, so as to favour all professional gamers who play games for a living. The device’s performance level mainly constitutes of three primary factors – faster speed, tailored feel and accuracy. It is truly a revelation in the world of gaming, and professional gamers have welcomed this new controller with open arms, in spite of the high price range.

We will now look at some expert reviews about the new Xbox controller. These reviews will help us determine the true potential of this gaming device. Read on to find out more.

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The Xbox One Elite Controller’s visual design is the biggest change that Microsoft has introduced. The controller still possesses the same traditional look as the original wireless gaming controllers. But the new added matte black finish, complemented by accurate metal detailing, is the icing on the cake. The customisable paddle, D-pad option and analogue stick act as the cherry on top. All the interchangeable items can be quite easily swapped with other options provided in the box, and the attachments use magnetic technology for the users’ ease. The rubberised diamond grip is perhaps the most striking change, that ensures that no user ever drops his or her controller from his or her hands. The problem of sweaty hands can also be bid adieu, thanks to this modern grip function. The analogue stick comes with a reinforced ring to increase durability and lifespan of the stick. But the increased weight of the controller is its only but serious downside.

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All the new added features make the Elite the best controller in the gaming industry. But his honourable place comes with a hefty price. The box does not come with rechargeable batteries, which is a big difficulty for any gamer or regular user. The play and charge kit is good in its own standard way, but it is a clear compromise in terms of clean texture and looks of the Xbox One Elite Controller. If you want to ensure that the Elite looks classy and feels brilliant (as promoted by Microsoft officials) then you better gear up and buy a pair of Duracell rechargeable batteries for continued and classy usage. The main problem here is the recurring expense of batteries. But even after this strange yet acute difficulty, a hardcore gamer can quite easily gain a few extra special points on Halo or Call of Duty owing to the functions of this controller. Hence it is very hard not to fall in love with this wonderful device. Many other manufacturers have tried their hands at adding new and improved features to their gaming controllers, but none have come close to being as good and as functional as the Xbox One Elite.

Guys,these are only two of the many reviews posted all over the internet regarding the new Microsoft Xbox One Elite. To know more about this device, check out Microsoft’s official site, or search on internet for more reviews.

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