Unveiling The All New Apple Watch 4

Apple has reached at the zenith and people all over the world trust the Apple products without any second thought. Apple had ventured in a lot of technical products and almost all of them were huge successes in their own respective ways, and now the entire world in waiting for the launch of the Apple Watch 4. It is very obvious that that device will include updates and few hardware up gradations and alterations. Apple Watch 4 was announced on 12 September, 2018 and the pre-order has started from 14th September. According to many reports this device will have functionalities of a fitness device and on the other hand one will also find the functionalities of an Apple Watch.

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Apple Watch 4 Features

Checking the features and the functionalities

  • This new watch has some changes in terms of design as the bezels have been avoided to make it more appealing.The watch will be available in four variant, 40mm, 44mm, and with or without the LTE.
  • The GPS version will be available for on the other hand if you want the cellular features you will have to pay about more.
  • This watch has is fitted with rectangular OLED display and the edges are also rounded off. With the help of the ECG you will be able to monitor your health in a minute manner for better precision. Apart from this device also includes all the other features that the health aficionados will fall in love with.

The other exciting features to keep an eye on   

The battery of this device has improved in a considerable rate and this is possible due to the S4 chipset that has been installed in this device. Apple claims that the watch can run continuously for eighteen hours. According to some reports this is a disadvantage for the Apple watch as Samsung is providing an enhanced battery life compared to this. The aspect of charging is same as before you can always charge this device with the help of the wireless charging system and on the other hand while charging you have to place this on a magnet which also reduces the chances of knocking the watch from somewhere. Among the updates the most important is the display of the watch.

Buying the device

The pre-orders have started from 14th September and will have to wait a bit more in order to actually own one of these watches. This product will available globally and will also be available on all the major e-commerce websites from where you will be able to buy these products without any hassle. Apart from this you may also choose to buy the product the Apple stores itself. You may very well visit the website of Apple and check the official features and the changes and the alterations that Apple has done to this watch. You may also choose to go through the various testimonials and the feedbacks and the reviews by the previous customers before considering this device.

So guys, its going to be awesome and specially due to improved batter life which I think is very important for a watch and obviously other feature as well.

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