Use DarkSky app on iOS for accurate weather alerts

It is a no denying fact that there are thousands of apps available on the Apple iTunes store, which users can download for their iPads and iPhones. But there is always room for growth, development and improvement as more and more apps are added to the store almost every day. We will discuss about the DarkSky application for all iOS devices here, which is currently running its Version 5.0. Hence, more and more new features have been added to it, making it an extremely popular app among iOS users. Users who want to find out about latest weather updates are more prone to downloading this app on their devices.

Image Credit: techcrunch.com
Image Credit: techcrunch.com

A fresh new layout has been given to the application, which provides an accurate hourly timeline for consecutive 24-hour cycles, and also for 7 day cycles, all pertaining to weather patterns and conditions. Previously, the app had the capacity to predict rainfall in an extremely accurate manner, but now users can set customized or personalised alerts related to the weather for the upcoming 24 hour cycle and so forth. You can quite easily keep an eye out for changes in precipitation and temperature, accumulation of snow, wind speed, rainfall quantity and many other things. DarkSky has also announced that weather alerts will now be collected from government based weather monitoring organization. The app is mainly for citizens of the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Let us now look at some of the features of the DarkSky application for iOS devices. Read on to find out more to find some productivity apps

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  • DarkSky WidgetThe application will be availabhttps://gizmofacts.com/productivity-apps-simplify-everyday-activities/le with an extremely useful information module that can be activated from main settings page. This widget will be on display in the Today view and users can check the information provided by the widget through the locked screen of the iOS device as well.
  • Accurate forecasting modelThe forecasting is done usually with the help of the GPS located on the iOS device. The app is able to predict accurately to the minute regarding rainfall or snowfall.
  • Innovative radar imaging – Radar imaging clips make this app extremely lucrative. This is a good way to keep your eye on a particular storm system and what kind of weather you may have to face in the coming days.
  • Useful push notificationsThe application usually sends alerts before the rain actually starts. It also notifies you about adverse weather conditions through alerts issued by government organizations, such as flooding, hurricanes, thunderstorms, etc. These alerts are sent through push notifications, and have proven to be extremely helpful.
  • Effective crowdsourcingThe app, if allowed, can tap into the biometric sensor of your iOS device such as the iPhone 6, and measure the air pressure of your location. This can help the app to provide even more accurate weather alerts.

The main speciality of this app is its same level of accuracy on each and every iOS device – be it an iPad or an iPhone. Weather animations also make it a special app for all iOS users.

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