Some Useful Apps to Install After Purchasing A New Smartphone

Buying a new smartphone is a wonderful feeling for many people. People save for many months to buy a smartphone that is the ultimate source of utility, functionality and entertainment. Today’s smartphones come with high power cameras, which provide high resolution images. Some smartphones come with laptop like features, which can be used to any kind of official work like typing a letter, or preparing a presentation. Besides this, a smartphone makes communication simple and cheap. People can message their friends without having to spend a single dim. All they need is a strong network signal, and a high speed data package. The best part about using smartphones is installing a number of apps that make life a whole lot easier for you. You may be an Android user, or an iOS user, but you will surely benefit from these apps. Read on to find out more.

WhatsApp is one of the useful apps considered to be the world’s best and most secure instant messaging app, that lets you stay in touch with your friends, family members and loved ones. People can now make free internet calls through Whatsapp. Users have the option of updating status messages and profile pictures.(Image


Facebook is also one of the useful apps which isthe finest social media platform known to man. It is a website for people to interact with each other, become good friends, and even promote their business and services. The Facebook app can be used to access the site itself.(Image

Facebook MessengerThe Facebook Messenger app is used to chat with friends and acquaintances. You can also make calls to your friends by clicking the “call” icon in messenger. “Group chat” is also available in “Facebook Messenger”.You can create your own “Friends Group” and you cherish the flamboyance of “Griup Chatting”.(Image


If you are into video calling, and like to chat with your friends through your webcam, then the Skype smartphone app is simply perfect for this purpose. It is considered to be the foremost authority in video calling, and allows you to chat with your friends with your Smartphone’s front camera.(


Vonage is a free internet calling app, which can be used to call people using this app on their smartphones. This app is purely based in the United States, and is made strictly for US users. Only US based mobile carriers can support the free calling functions of this app.(Image

Viber is free calling app, that is quite useful for people whom want to make free internet calls. Any smartphone user, who has installed this app on his or her smartphone, can be called through Viber. You just need to have a high speed data package for the calls to go through perfectly.(Image

aWallet is an awesome password manager  Android app provides multi level functions, which are much more than any other functions provided by any other app. The app is used to store secure information like account details, credit card information, encrypted data, etc.The data will be accessed from your smartphone, and remains completely secure since it does not connect to the internet.(

1 Passe

1 Passe app is quite similar to the aWallet app for Android, only difference being that it is used on the iOS platform. You can use this app to save all your secure data and information like email account passwords, bank account details, credit card passwords, ATM PINs, etc.The app can be installed on any model of iPhone 5S or later.(Image


For any news lover, who does not get time to read the newspaper on a daily basis, the Times of India app is simply perfect for getting the latest news updates. They can get the daily newspaper delivered to their phone in the form of epaper through this app.(Image


For all US and UK residents, the BBC app is perfect for getting all the latest news update on all the latest global happenings, happening all over the world. The app is updated almost on an hourly basis, so that all the app users get the best possible and the most updated news bulletin.(Image


Evernote is a wonderful app, you can quite easily ensure that all your devices are synced, and you can work anywhere you want in a productive manner, thanks to this syncing feature. The basic idea is to stay connected to your work space, and ensure that everything is in order.(Image


If you have ever lost your Android phone, then this app (Where’s My Droid) is perfect for locating the phone. Simply have the app installed on your phone and someone else’s phone; and when your phone is lost or stolen, you can run this app to track the last known position of the phone.(Image


Twitter is also one of the useful apps a social media platform where you can share your thoughts, converse with people you know, as well as various celebrities, and share pictures and videos that are related to you, or that you may find interesting. Now, with the twitter app, you can access the site from both your Android and your iOS device.(Image


If you are a foodie, then this “Zomato” app is just the thing for you. This app was originally designed by the designers of the original website, contains contact details of almost all restaurants in India, along with screenshots of their menu cards. If you are planning a night out, then make use of this app to calculate the total cost of food to plan your budget.(Image


If you want to order food online, and want to choose the items from a menu just like picking clothes on a clothing website, then download and install EAT 24 (mainly for US) app right now. The database of this app contains details of several restaurants, where you can place order for food online and have it delivered to your door step.(Image


With the advent of the new age smart cab concept, companies like OLA have occupied a strong place in the market. Now people can book cabs using the OLA app, right from their smartphones. They will have the option of setting a pick up and drop off destination, and can pay via credit card or PAYU money.(


Lyft is a US based app, which can be used to book a ride right from your smartphone. You don’t have to worry about carrying cash for the purpose of paying the driver. You can make the payment from your smartphone using a credit card. All the drivers working for Lyft have a clear background and proper experience.(


Uber service is available in both US and India. Uber has now created a strong field in India. Its service is great people have become addicted to Uber. The best part of Uber is it shows that how much time the cab will take to reach your place for pick-up and all this you can see real-time in the app itself.(

Google Transit

Google’s Transit app is perfect for all US based citizens to search for local and nearby transport options. When the app is launched, it gives details about the available transport options near to your location, which may include trains, subway, cabs, buses, etc.(Image


Amazon is a global shopping website, aimed at providing quality products to a huge base of customers and shoppers. The website has already gained its well deserved fame in the United States, and is gaining popularity in India as well. The Amazon app for Android and iOS is perfect for shopping on the go, and for getting exciting discounts, which the site does not offer. Again one of the very useful apps.(Image


If you have shopping on your mind, here another one of the very useful apps is Flipkart app available on both Android Playstore and iTunes store. The app is perfect for buying things that you really like, even without a computer. Flipkart offers great discounts on purchases made through their app.(Image


State Bank (SBI) Anywhere actually means State Bank Anywhere. If you are a State Bank account holder, then you can download and register on this app to access your account, check your balance, make your payments, and transfer funds. You need a smart phone and a high speed data packet to access the app.(Image                    

US Bank

If any US citizen holds an account at any branch of the U.S Bank, then he or she can download this app to access the registered account, and take care of all daily banking needs, starting from transferring funds, to checking balances.You can also download other US bank apps like “Bank of America”, “Wells Fargo”etc.(Image


ZocDoc is a US based website for booking doctor appointments and making payment for such appointments. The official app of the site, made available for US citizens on Playstore and iTunes store, can be used to find doctors based on your needs, and book appointments as per your schedule.(Image


If you want to share the total bill amount of any utility with your roommates, then you can download “splitwise app. This app is perfect for splitting the amounts, and you can make sure that everyone gets paid back accordingly. You can also use this app to set up alerts so that you can remember to pay the bills.(Image


If you are interested in the share market, and want to keep a close watch on the NSE and the BSE, then the “Money Control” app is perfect for you. You can keep track of share prices, market trends, futures, and trade your shares accordingly.(Image


If you are a US citizen and have invested in the stock market, then download and install the “Bloomberg” app to follow the trend of the share market, set alerts for target share prices, and buy or sell shares as per your budget and preference.(Image

Guys, I have listed some of the apps (as mentioned above), which I think is really very useful to install in a smartphone for making life much more easy & comfortable.

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