Wanna Download WhatsApp From Google Play Store – Be Very Careful

The most advanced and one of the best messaging app is WhatsApp which is trending all over the world among all the generations of the people. Everyone uses this multitasking and amazing app. This miraculous app helps anyone not only to text but to be able to share images, videos and most importantly it is equipped with the video calling system that makes it possible for anyone to chat face to face.

And most importantly, this fast growing app can be downloaded easily from the Google play store available in your smart phone. But do you know that downloading this app from the Google store can be sometimes dangerous. Do you want to know why? Read below.

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Fake WhatsApp app is trending

This messaging app is owned by the social networking company, Facebook, and is being operated under their authorization since the ownership. But this messaging app also has many unauthorized copy that is lingering in the store without any caution.

Some people who are not acquainted with the app or are downloading the app for the first time can be fooled. This fake app is trending in the play store with the name of “Update WhatsApp Messenger” along with the developer name “WhatsApp Inc”.

Found when the play store got rechecked

It was unknown to the Facebook and as well as the Facebook authority members until they surveyed about the thing after getting enormous complains. The IANS checked about the fake app in the play store and the result was shocking, they found two apps that got downloaded by the users on a high rate basis.

The first one was downloaded 5,000 times and the second one has a download count of more than a million. The original and the copyright app has a 1 Billion downloads.

Tracked via Twitter

This fake and shady software got caught first by the trekking software developed for “WhatsApp“, “WABetaInfo“, and that is also via a Twitter user named @MujtabaMHaq as reported by the IB times.

After which the hacking authority members reached out to the users using the Twitter networking, sharing the message that not to download the fake app. They also did have mentioned to be much careful while downloading the app and make sure to download the real “WhatsApp Business app” in to your smart phone.

There are many people who care least about researching this app or any app before downloading. So the chances of getting involved in such alarming situation are more often. None of the users of the messenger want to get into such trouble so in order to have a pleasant use of the app one need to take immense care about what to download.

Are you one of those who had ever downloaded any of these fake apps and have gone through any kind of problematic situation then share your views regarding this article and as well as your experience.

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