What Is Blogging? A Quick Guide

Writing a journal, where one can express self, share his/her opinions, talk openly on any issues that they are concerned about or even writing about their travel stories, is known to human since ancient era. People always considered documenting, what they believe about certain things, the changes that they come across in their everyday life, political situation or anything that is happening around them.

The trend has not changed much, even today writing a journal, has been in the habit of countless number of individuals around the globe. However, what has updated in the recent years, is the replacement of pen and paper with the online platforms.

A large number of people write online journals, where they express their views on any issues and share it with others in order to garner public attention to it. These online journals are referred to as ‘Blogs’.

What is Blog?

The history of blogging suggests that the first blog published online was in 1994 and it was more of a personal diary, shared online. In this online journal, people can talk about things that they consider to be important. There are also a number of people who write blog in order to make money out of it.

A blog is a shortened version of “weblog”. It has appeared as a platform where people can communicate their views and share their opinions to a large group of audience at the same time.

There are currently 600 million blogs on the internet, worldwide. From being a personal journal, the blogs have now also emerged as a top marketing strategy, promising to bring fame and money, both.

Blogging Tips & Tricks

What is included in the Blog Content?

The content of a blog, varies from individuals to individuals, and also depends on the purpose for which it has been curated. Generally, the blogs contain:

  1. Texts (attractive headlines, quality content)
  2. Photos (Visuals make the blog popular easily)
  3. Infographics (Supporting the views referred in the text)
  4. Videos (Explaining the blog’s content)

Definition of Blog in the Modern Context:

A blog is a consistently updating website or web page, where new contents are published on a frequent basis, often to attract readers or to grow a business. Personal or commercial purpose, the use of blog has been a continuous form of marketing, which has introduced the world with a new type of writers, known as “bloggers”.

Who is a Blogger?

A blogger is someone who writes a blog, and posts it on the online world. They can communicate to a large number of people through their blogs. They write on varied topics and possess the power to influence their audience with their views and develop a strong opinion about certain issue through blogging. Just for a note a “newbie Blogger” often create mistakes which can be avoided. You can refer to the mistakes in detail:

What Is Blogging?

Blogging is a collection of abilities that one needs in order to administer a blog. This entails the knowledge of a website, how it works, various tools, used to write, edit, post, link and share the blog on the internet. It is often considered as an incredibly fun and highly-creative form of expression and sharing of those expressions with larger audience.

What Is The Purpose Of a Blog?

The purpose of blogging can vary according to one’s own choice and requirements. Some common purpose of a blog can be summarized in the following points:

  • To share their personal feelings and opinions.
  • To part their knowledge with the world.
  • To make exclusive business opportunities out of it.
  • To provide extensive support to their existing business.
  • To bring social revolution.
  • To make people aware of certain malpractices.
  • To document their travelling experiences.
  • To grab the attention of potential customers.

Why Blogging has become so popular??

Blogging paves the path for excellent growth opportunities for the businesses and it also provide excellent exposure for the same.

For the personal bloggers, it is a great way to reach out to potential readers and develop a network of loyal followers for themselves.

  • Blogging is a major source of information.
  • Blogging helps companies to keep their clients updated.
  • Blogging ensures communication and interaction between the brand and the customers.
  • Blogging makes people popular and expands their network.
  • Blogging also helps to earn money.

Does Blogging Pays You Off?

There are a lot of users, who have no idea that they can make money through blogging. With the help of the blog monetization techniques, like Google AdSense, Affiliate marketing, Email marketing, sponsorships and others, a blogger can enjoy extensive money-making opportunities.

The different ways through which top-ranked bloggers make good money are through:

  • Selling membership for access to exclusive content.
  • Becoming affiliate partner.
  • Selling their own digital products.
  • Selling ad space on their blog.
  • Using their blog as a content marketing tool for businesses.

So guys, the conclusion is “The World Of Blogging” is full of various nuisances and knick-knacks, which nobody would ever be bothered to explain to you in detail. At Gizmofacts, we aim to provide you with thorough and extensive detail about blogging, helping you to plan, decide and make a future in the sector. Selecting the right blogging platform, the domain, curating the structure of the blog, driving traffic to your blog or making money through it, you can ascertain each and every detail via us. We will always be behind you, helping you to run and grow your own blog and be your own boss!

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