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Neuv Private Limited, a technology startup based in Hyderabad (India), has recently launched a free smartphone app known as “WHATSAY“. Neuv claims that this application is the very first social polling application in India. The application will be available on both Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store, and all the users who download and install Whatsay will be able to create several polls based on a total of 25 different categories in a matter of minutes. After creating the poll, they can share it with their friends on Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and Whatsapp. They can also embed the poll’s link on a blog or website of their choice.

The company claims that the polls created through “Whatsay” will be able to geo-target any particular city or be a globally public poll. The system is so free flowing that people who do not have “Whatsay” installed on their phones will be able to participate in a “Whatsay” shared poll.

Image Credit: indiatoday.intoday.in
Image Credit: indiatoday.intoday.in

It has been proven through several studies and researches that visual content is perhaps the most viewed content on any social media platform. People retweet visual tweets almost 35% more than any text tweets. Almost 87% of the total content shared by users on Facebook are visual in nature. Also, studies have shown that polling is a very unique medium where social media and internet users participate without any doubts or hesitations. The new Whatsay application is a mixture of both social polling and visual imagery. This claim was made by the co founder of Neuv Pvt. Ltd., Raghu Bathina.

The company Neuv was founded by Raghu Bathina, who is a professional entrepreneur by nature and has a record of selling two previous ventures after opening them and leading them to success. He sold Ramp Networks and QuickTree to tech giants Nokia and Citrix respectively. His co founder in Neuv was Sridhar Gadhi. He is the MD and chairman of Paradigm Group, a company with a net worth of approximately USD 100 million.

Neuv was founded with a 20 million INR angel investment from Paradigm Group last year. The startup’s first launch, the “Doodly Doo” personal messaging app, has been downloaded by a record 500,000+ users, both the Neuv founders expect “Whatsay” to be downloaded by almost a million users.

The founders further commented that almost 65% of the total 230+ million Indian internet users are connected to the World Wide Web with the help of a smartphone. These smartphone users can really enjoy and have a lot of fun with the Whatsay polling application. The 25 different categories, based on which the polls can be created, are really interesting, and covers each and every aspect of our daily lives, starting from transportation mediums, to social rules and regulations, places to eat, sites to visit, shops to go to, and political parties to support. Usually, today’s youth try to avoid the political agendas, as it pulls in a lot of criticism and negativity. But the founders believe that this app is bound to spark the interest in politics among these young netizens.

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