Why for a woman excess use of tablets so risky?

Believe it or not, but spending too much time on iPad can be very dangerous for women. Read on to know what makes excess use of tablets so risky for a woman.

It is the era of digitalization. Computers, smartphones, iPads, tablets – it seems that everyone around the world is plugged.

Even though the popular belief is that excessive screen time has negative effects on kids, the same goes for adults. Whether it’s a kid, a teenager or an adult, lots of screen time is harmful for people of every age. In fact, women are more than two times likely to be plagued by long use of tablets.

‘iPad neck’ is a health condition defined as chronic pain in the upper shoulders and neck owing to the excess use of tablets. A study, recently published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science has revealed that ‘iPad neck’ is related with the lack of back support while keeping the iPad on the lap when using it. Some of the other bad postures include lying on back or the side.

Intrigued what makes excessive use of tablets so dangerous for a woman? Keep reading.

Symptoms Of Too Much Screen Time-Why excess use of tablets so risky for a woman

Some of the many symptoms you are spending too much time on your tablet are-

  • Persistent pain in neck and shoulders
  • Severe headaches
  • Stiffness
  • Eye strain, irritated or dry eyes
  • Soreness
  • Irritability
  • Poor behavior

4 Negative Effects Of Spending Too Much Time On iPad And Tablets

  1. Loss Of Cognitive Ability in woman

One of the most harmful consequences of excess screen time on women is its drastic effect on the mental health. Spending excessive time on your tablets can change your brain’s structure by causing grey matter which is responsible for the shrinking of cognitive. Also, it leads to deformity to the white matter which acts as the network to your brain’s signal communication.

  • More Screen Time, More Weight

Another negative effect of too much screen time for women is increased risk of obesity. The excess usage of digital devices means that you are depriving yourself of physical exercise and activity. This contributes to the increased weight gain, particularly if you love to snack while watching TV. Remember; even watching just two more hours on iPad can hugely increase the risk of obesity in you.

  • Poor Sleep in woman

The amount of screen time you spend significantly impacts the sleep which you get. This is because the blue light which emits from the digital screens interferes with the production of sleep hormone melatonin in the body. So, using digital devices just before bedtime makes it difficult for you to fall asleep.

  • Chronic Health Conditions in woman

The enhanced risk of obesity also makes you vulnerable to numerous chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease as well as Type 2 diabetes. Research shows that spending lots of time on screens can cause a spike in blood glucose and insulin levels. This will lead to accumulation of fat in your bloodstream. So, spending less time on screens and more on being active physically can help you avoid such problems.

Final Thoughts on Why excess use of tablets so risky for a woman

That being said, don’t you think excess screen time can indeed take a toll on your physical and mental health? Time to get rid of screen addiction and ensure a healthy living, ladies!

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