Windows 10 to Arrive with Seven Different Versions Soon

The word is out; Microsoft will be launching Windows 10 this summer in seven different versions across 190 countries and in 111 languages. Previously also different versions of Windows 8 had been released but the position of the different versions is being outlined clearly at the beginning for the first time. The latest Windows will be able to power a wide range of devices which includes tablets, PCs, phones, Xbox One, Surface Hub and Microsoft HoloLens. The experience even though optimized for different devices is essentially familiar to all. It also aims to have a single Windows store that will have all kinds of Windows Apps.

Windows Home Edition

The different editions are designed keeping in mind the needs of different customers. The Windows 10 Home edition has been made with the desktop, 2-in-1 and tablets users in mind. It will have cool Windows apps like Mail, Map, Music, Calendar, Xbox gaming experience, and Video. Cortana, the personal assistant service from Microsoft will be present in it along with a feature for face recognition called Windows Hello. For touch devices, there is the Continuum tablet mode.

A Treat For the Professionals

Windows 10 Pro is of course for the professionals. It will help users manage apps and devices, save business data, and give access to the computer from afar. These features will be in addition to everything there is in the Home edition. The windows update for Business will be especially useful since it will provide security updates and help bring down management costs.

Windows for Enterprises and Students

Large and medium sized companies can make use of Windows 10 Enterprise which offers protection against various security threats aimed at such companies. The customers will be given the freedom to choose the rate at which they wish to remain updated. For students, school management and teachers there is the Windows 10 Education. Users of Home and Pro editions can upgrade it to the Education edition.

Windows for Mobile Users

The Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise again targets the business customers who need the latest updates to remain in the trade. Volume Licensing Customers will have access to it. Owners of tablets and smartphones can use the Windows 10 Mobile which will support all the apps that can be found in Home edition along with Office which is touch optimized. High-end phones can make use of Continuum meant for phone features.

Windows for Mini Computers

If you are the proud owner of small devices like the Raspberry Pi 2 then you will need Windows 10 IoT which is a replacement of the Windows Embedded. The credit card-sized computers are steadily gaining ground. The company plans to run versions of Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise and Windows 10 Enterprise at ATMs and devices like the retail point of sale. The new versions are getting ready for a summer release though the exact details of the availability are not clear. Those with licensed versions of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 can get a free upgrade within the first year.

So Guys, I think it is really going to be an interesting venture from Microsoft in 2015 and we should take the full advantage of it.

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